When Things Change

I always say how much I embrace change and I surely do. This week has proved a challenge and made me appreciate what I usually do and what I have. Of course, my suffering is nothing, a broken bone, and loss of the usual mobility, a challenge yes, but nothing compared to what so many have to endure. It is really no more than an inconvenience, but one that is getting me down 😦

I realise how much the gym and being fit has been to my life and so when that changes, grr… it is frustrating. On the plus side with so many friends I am not going to sit in for the whole time. And I have my Mal, but since he was sick yesterday I didn’t see him and now I miss him. But it will be okay… and I have more time to write!



Not enjoying the break 😉

I am ready now to move on with the next stage of my life but it seems the universe, much like when I waited to finally have a novel published,  wants me to wait. So I am… patiently waiting for the house to sell, for something to happen with the agent, for the best seller. Waiting to finally move on with my life here. And it will all come in time. If I have learned one thing as a writer, it’s to have patience. Even if sometimes, like now, my usual positivity is being challenged. So… what do I … well… I must count my blessings ❤

And that’s what I plan to do…

I will not be blogging Monday as I will be with the man for the weekend (he has no internet… yes some people don’t these days!) so back Tuesday, all being well!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Think Positive

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