It is amazing to think that I left the mountains of beautiful Wales and my lovely little house five years ago this coming week. Wow. It was the beginning of a new journey. All I knew for sure was I planned on continuing the writing dream I had started and my editing business… and that I was on a mission to get fit and healthy.

Now when I look back I can count so many blessings. Truly.

Had I not gone to the gym that week and signed up I would never have got so fit, or met so many great people… including of course the love of my life.

I have a lot to be thankful for… Who knew a gym was all I needed! Of course that’s not quite true. It’s about a right time, right place, meeting the right people. Thank you ❤

So, I have been a gym bunny five years! That’s a lot of classes… two a day on average, five days a week! 💪

Yes indeed so much to be grateful for. Now a new gym but a million good memories behind me… and a million more new ones ahead. It’s all part of the journey.

My editing business is going strong and the writing is my other true passion. This week have been writing in the Austrian mountains on our delayed honeymoon… awaiting news from my fab new agent.

If I have learned anything in these past five years, it’s this: life is a journey to be taken one moment at a time. People matter, memories matter and it can be as beautiful as you choose. See good not bad, be strong not weak, live in hope, not fear. Thank everyone who has been part of it, don’t dwell on bad, remember good. Everyone and everything makes you who you are. Love it all.

I send love to everyone who has and is part of this glorious adventure. And I say thank you.

Most of all to my lovely husband for putting up with my madness! Here’s to having it all! 🥂


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Three things you need to know



SEEKING 10 WRITERS with short stories or novel in progress who want to take part in 6-week online Mentoring Programme Aug to mid-Sept. 2 online tutorials/week plus a critique of short story or chapter. SPECIAL INTRO RATE £99 per person! Email for info This is the first time of running it so offering it at a hugely discounted rate to see if anyone is interested. We need 10!!! I will set up a FB group and encourage interaction. We might even meet at the end if people can get to London! STARTS AUGUST 5th!

🙂 🙂 🙂


You can buy signed copies of my short story collection through my website in the UK: LINK SIGNED

You can buy my book on Amazon UK here: LINK

You can buy my book on Amazon US here: US Link

🙂 🙂 🙂



This is what happens when characters become REAL…

Debz 1Signing my book at the launch 19.7.19 St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, Essex

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Do you know who you are?

You only get this day once.

You only get to wake up on this very day once.

You only get to make a difference today once.

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with the trivia of our lives we forget this simple fact.

So did you say it today?

Did you say: I love you. I don’t ever want to live without you. You changed my life.

Did you say it?

This comes from my favourite TV show:  Grey’s Anatomy and trust me, I barely watch any normal TV ever anymore as it’s mind-numbing to me and full of things I could not care less about. I find a good drama and I immerse myself in that.

Here’s another quote:


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years It’s that it only takes one person…one moment to change your life forever. To change your perspective. Colour your thinking. To force you to reevaluate everything you think you know.”

And I remember the episode when they used what they say to someone who comes around in hospital after massive injury as a metaphor for life. So here it is:

Do you know where you are?

Do you know what’s happened to you?

Do you want to live this way?

So I give these to you.

What’s the answer? Are you happy? If not… change it! And start right now TODAY.

Lose the things that do not allow you to move towards the goal — to being exactly who you want to be. Do it now. Right now.

Have a great week everyone!

Did you say it?

Do you know who you are?

Are you ready for change?


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When a plan comes together…

There is nothing like the feeling when the advance copy of your book arrives!

And here it is!


If you are local to Essex then please do come to my launch event! Or if you are local and unable to come then I  can sign a copy for you 🙂

July 19th, St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, Essex 7 pm — 9 pm

Friends further afield, if you want a signed copy then I  can arrange that, £9 for book plus postage. I need to check what that is!

Or you will find it on Amazon!

This is a collection of seventeen short stories: most of them competition winners, runners-up or shortlisted. Some are previously published and one or two brand new ones! This includes the one about my grandad in Changi that is a very personal story. It’s called Goldfish Parade and is the final one and the longest one in the collection.

The Stories


Learning to Fly: Winner of the inaugural Bath Short Story Award, 2013.

Mirror Image: Runner up in the Aeon Prize, 2010.

Chutney: shortlisted (regional final 3), Commonwealth Short Story Prize, 2013.

We Went There: 3rd place in Leicester Writes Short Story Competition, 2017.

I Am Wolf: Published in Gentle Footprints launched at the Hay Festival by Virginia McKenna, 2010. Featured on Mariella Frostrup’s The Book Show At Hay and Loose Women.

Graffiti: Runner-up Chapter One Promotions International Short Story Competition 2010, published in winner’s anthology Graft and in Tales from the Upper Room.

The Red Queenpublished in In The Shadow of the Red Queen, 2009.

Rats in the AtticWinner of the Sunpenny Press Short Story Competition, 2010, shortlisted in Carried in Waves and recorded for radio, 2015.

Thinking in CirclesRunner-up in Book A Break Short Story Competition, 2017, published in With Our Eyes Open winners’ anthology.

Director’s Cut: previously unpublished but awarded a distinction on my MA Creative Writing degree.

The Theory of Circles: Nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, 2015. Published in Unthology 3, 2014.

Because Sometimes Something Happens 3rd place in Leicester Writes Short Story Competition, 2019

When the Bees Die: Previously unpublished.

Four Minutes in AprilWinner of City Writes Competition, 2018.

Paper Chains: 2nd place in Leicester Writes Short Story Competition, 2018.

JigsawFirst published in Making Changes anthology, 2008.

Goldfish ParadePreviously unpublished.

Book 2

If you do have a copy and enjoy it please feel free to leave a review on Amazon! Thank you!



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Changes Come Unexpectedly

So you might have gathered that change has been something in my thoughts recently and motivating some recent actions. Hence this short series of blog postings. While change can be unpleasant, like who really enjoys stepping outside of what they know and feel comfortable, perhaps even happy, in… but it really is true that without change there is no growth.

Life is a story with an arc, a shape, with events along the way, ups and downs. You need both. That is, after all, the essence of story, and story is life.

We learn and grow through change: by embracing and not being afraid of it. Be that in where we work, what we do, where we train, all kinds of things and places that have become part of our lives. Friends too can come and go although I am truly blessed with some lovely friends who do still want to be at my side, be that physically or from a distance but there when it counts. That’s all we can do, give love, receive love and hope that the people we care for remain to share the ride.

I had to make a decision last week I was reluctant to make at first, but actually, I realise now was absolutely the right decision. I wanted to support my lovely husband who in turn felt it was time for a change, so new workplace, new opportunity for growth.  And that lead me to follow him. Some might be surprised…  but if life has taught me anything it’s that we need to change to grow and learn and I am blessed because of this opportunity.  It’s been less than a week but already I feel connected to something. Do you ever get that feeling you are where you are meant to be? You might not know it when you first think about it, you might even resist it to start with but it really is better to stand back, not to overthink it and let what is meant to be… be. Only then can you truly see it for what it is.

You must stand back from everything to see the beauty. To fully appreciate it.



The white rose is for remembering. I offer it to you…

And that dear friends and scribes is me — right now. I love my work truly and with passion: my writing (now almost 1/4 into the new novel), I have my lovely new agent — it’s the waiting game now with my novel. I love my work and the best part of my editing work is engaging with and meeting other writers, be that virtually or face to face. And I love my hubby, my friends, my family, my adorable pets and my life at the gym. In fact, the change will bring more changes since I am trying new things that are challenging me to grow. How wonderful is that?

But last of all, I  think when we look forward we can sometimes spend too long looking back. Looking back is wonderful for showing us how far we’ve come and what wonderful memories we have made along the way. These are forever, even when we forge a new path, they still count and the love you felt when you made them — good ones, that never goes. Sometimes we have sad memories too, everything has its place…  look back but don’t live there… hold it dear then move on. Look ahead, there is so much more to come. We are who we are because of every experience we have ever had and every person we have ever met whether they are still here or not. We need both dark and light, good and bad, hills and troughs, without one we don’t get the whole ride, and I, for one, want the whole experience of living.

Everything is about balance. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it feels too hard, that will pass.

I will leave you with my poster about my forthcoming book launch! Anyone local and who fancies the trip to Essex… you are most welcome! What I learn from life I write through my characters. You will meet all kinds: a child looking for his father and trying to time travel to change things so he is still alive and he can finish the jigsaw, a Holocaust survivor who grows carrots for chutney even though he hates carrots and he hates chutney. You will meet a woman who is having to put her old dad into a home but uncovers a secret that changes everything she knows about who she is, a woman who can’t yet grieve her husband because she doesn’t know who he really is… not until she meets the other wife. You will meet a tomboy dealing with the death of her brother in Afganistan, learning to live again, you will even meet my grandparents in there.

If you can’t come and are local I can save you a book and sign it. Or you order one from me but we need to add postage to the price.

Or you will find it on Amazon!

Book Launch Poster


Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown because you never know what is waiting for you…

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Endings and Beginnings

Today has special meaning.


Today is Rosie’s 9th birthday, our adorable cocker spaniel.


Today is the day my lovely new agent starts submitting my novel to publishers.


Today I start a new chapter…


I have some wonderful memories from the past almost five years since I moved back here; never realising when I did how my life would change. Never knowing how many friends I would make, meet the love of my life, become part of something special and rewarding…  But today is the start of a brand new chapter. I will embrace and look ahead…

New Chapters

Embrace every moment!

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The theme of this year’s Waterloo Writing Competition hosted by Bridge House Publishing was ‘Transforming Being’ and we received the most wonderfully diverse stories. Since change is the requirement of all stories — for it to ‘be a story’ someone has to change — it seemed a wide remit to me. But the writers chose some truly wonderful ways of expressing transformation — more than subtle character changes. So take a look at this year’s eBook celebrating these wonderful stories. TB

Buy Me

In life we all go through many changes and we all have to realise that change is the foundation of a life worth living. Let me say that again: change is the foundation of a life worth living. A third time for it to stick: change is the foundation of a life worth living. Be that small changes we make as we shift our mindsets and re-imagine our goals as we simply evolve, adapt to life’s ever-changing landscape or be that HUGE transformations we choose to make or perhaps that are made for us. Like undergoing life-changing gender reassignment for example or dealing with the death of someone you planned to be with forever. Change comes in many guises.

Perhaps you might be prompted to write something that looks at that very thing? Think butterflies… think swans.

My life underwent quite a significant change when I moved back to Canvey Island, which come this September is five years. So there I was five years ago, back in Wales watching a TV show called A Year to Save my Life where people were embarking on a journey to shed the pounds and I mean lots of pounds with the help of some dishy personal trainers 🙂 While I was not them and had less of a journey I  did know I would change my lifestyle, lose weight but it was mostly about fitness: your health is your wealth and when you turn fifty you know you need to do that. Little did I know I would marry a personal trainer four years later!

Of course, I had no idea what that journey would bring.

Friends: yes; a community: yes; a sense of belonging: yes; a husband: YES! And I have talked on here before about how much being part of that did indeed transform my life. Well and truly. I am so grateful for that. So truly grateful for all of that 🙂 I did what I said and I am at the gym Monday to Thursday every week: at least. Fitter than I have ever been, healthy body, healthy mind.

Recently has been a time for reflection and change; my lovely husband has a fab new job doing the same thing but a new opportunity arose and like many things, I like to think of it as a serendipitous turn of the card. Right time, right opportunity. Sometimes you have to do what feels right even if you leave something behind.

I had a similarly fortuitous moment when I met Camilla who has now become my amazing new literary agent. After editing my novel, when she returns from a trip next Monday, the process of submission begins. Lots of work, but amazingly exciting times ahead.

I am a sentient being, often over-sentimental and emotional. I make friends easily and the true ones stay: once connected, always connected.

I embrace change with open arms when it’s something I really want OR sometimes when there is no other choice — then we have to accept it. I find it harder to embrace the new when there are memories tethering me to the old. But sometimes you have to let go to move forward. We don’t even know what is waiting for us if we don’t take that step. So if you need to hear this: don’t be afraid to accept a new challenge or walk a new path.

Keep dear and keep doing the things you love even when things change.

I will always write. I will always smile more than cry. I will always go to the gym. I will always LOVE rather than hate. I will always strive to be the BEST version of myself.

What about you?

Change 2

There is a reason the rear-view mirrors are so small and the windscreen so big, LOOK AHEAD. Always look ahead and do it with optimism and love, not bitterness and fear. We can look, we can reexamine what we know, what we think we know, we can overthink the meaning of everything and envelop ourselves in our warm security blanket and resist change. Or we can say hey, watch me fly. If I have learned one thing, change is the only way to move forward.

Fear holds us back but those moments we connect to, those memories that keep us in the same place, will always be there. Letting go does not undo the good memories or the emotional connections; letting go just redirects to something that lets us see the future.



So writers think about your lives and change… is it time for something new? If it is… embrace it. Do it now. Or write about it!

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