I will keep this short and sweet as I have a meeting in London this morning with one of my lovely clients. So I thought I would share some links about some amazing people I know…

As you know I did a gym challenge earlier this year. Our gym is an amazing community gym and the people really make it special <3. It’s incredible what Dave and Angie did to make that gym, given it all started with Dave’s life-saving heart surgery a few years ago, before that he had never even set foot inside a gym. You might remember the newspaper article I wrote for him last year. AMAZING.

Well, them and a team at Lifestyle Fitness Gym are walking the London to Brighton Challenge… 63 miles this weekend. It’s some challenge! They leave London at 7 am tomorrow and walk all day and all through the night and will finish sometime Sunday morning! The team is doing it for three charities. Dave and Angie and Jacques for the Basildon Cardiothoracic Unit that saved the lives of people close to them including Dave himself and their son, Sam. Teresa, Lewis and Alison are doing for Cancer UK and Lee and Catherine are doing it for Scope. They have been walking for a few months in preparation, and these have not been short walks, they have worked so hard! They have walked through the blisters and pain and are ready to take this on.

So I will share their pages and if anyone wants to support them, then please do. This is no small challenge!

I will back and blogging Tuesday as I will be writing all day bank hols so won’t blog!

Have a wonderful weekend… do something truly amazing!

Dave, Angie and Jacques’ Page

Teresa and Lewis’s Page

Lee and Cath’s Page

All that remains is to wish them all the very best this weekend, you will smash this guys!

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Love it

Can’t wait to get writing… that is all!

Lovely morning.

I am ready for this amazing day.

What about you?

Happy Writer 🙂


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Finding Hope

In a world that brings us new horrors every day, we must learn to find hope.

It seems that there are others intent on hurting, destroying, hating… but love must overcome all of that. It has to win, every time.

I confess to living in a little bubble of hope and love and optimism… and some might say of burying my head in my own life, choosing not to see the horrors as they unfold. We all have to find a way to protect ourselves, I guess. So I live a positive and happy life assuming none of this will touch me directly… but we all know that is not the case.

The events in Manchester remind us yet again of evil, that as humans there are fanatics and fantasists and haters. We have seen it many times in history and we see it again and again now. More and more. Extremism is the enemy of peace, of love, of hope but we must stand against those who simply want to destroy us.

While I rarely post anything like this sometimes it has to said, aloud, that we won’t stand up to it… it gains nothing and it loses everything. So once again I send my love to the victims of terrorism, we are all victims of terror in one way or another but love has to win.

That is all


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Blog Silence

In memory of those poor families affected by last night’s events in Manchester… no happy blog post today. I woke up to the terrible news and wonder where it will all end?

A senseless loss of beautiful lives.

I need to write.

It’s how I escape… or try to…

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Celebrate Success

Think of one thing right now in this moment you are truly grateful for.

Hold that thought. How does it make you feel? Buzzing?

Now think of something you want and hold that feeling as if you already have it; as if it’s already happened, as if it’s already yours.

Now wait for it to happen.


Positive thoughts become you.

That is all.

Happy Monday!

Make Space for your Future

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Friday Again

How fast the weeks come and go and another weekend shines brightly ahead of us.

Today is a great day.

The plan is to bring those final closing elements together in the Pelicans novel so I can start another edit of the whole thing. You see writing really is a multi-layered process. This is one novel that needed a lot of work to get into shape; it has many elements to it and it needs to read as seamlessly as possible. It needs to flow perfectly and not feel as if it’s convoluted or complex when it many ways this one is.

I am really ‘into the zone’ on this one again, but of all the novels (and yes true only one is currently published) this one was the hardest to write. When I looked at it again after some time I thought: wow this is really pacey and works as a thriller, but I also realised the way I orchestrated the ending was paramount to its success. I think the distance I gave myself to it for some time has helped me see its flaws and the issues with bringing together the plot that caused me to stumble before.

This is not a sprint, this novel-writing malarky… it’s a long process. So you better love it! And thankfully I do… absolutely!!!

Have a totally AMAZING weekend, whatever you do and remember to do something every day that makes your heart soar.

And, above all, BE TRULY THANKFUL ❤ ❤ ❤



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Today is TRULY amazing!

That is all I will say.

Make every day count — make today count.

Happy writing or whatever you do today!


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