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A Great Day!

Yesterday I was busy writing and working fastidiously all morning. I knew I would be out of the office some of the afternoon at the fracture clinic for what I hoped would be the ‘sign off’. A ‘cast’ (though now reduced to ‘the bootie cast’ — you saw the photos) has been on for over eight weeks; in fact, I broke my foot some nine weeks ago this very day. Anyway there I was being highly productive and by about 12.45 I was getting ready for the man to come to take me when they called and the words to induce very sad face:  The Fracture Clinic is cancelled.


I think because I said ‘can I just rip this cast off then?‘ and they thought I was serious… having first said postponed until next week… she felt sorry for me and managed to fit me in today around midday!Whoop! Although since the man is in London and the folks are out on a mission of mercy to take a friend to a different hospital… my bestie is now taking me! So I, of course, suggested a spot of lunch after to celebrate cast off! Well you know… celebrate all moments in life!

Funny thing is, right before that phone call that made me pull the sad face 😦 the same bestie messaged me that our hero… no, not a literary one, but yes… you guessed it, none other than the ‘Manilow’ is in London next week!


He is signing his new album in Oxford Street and bestie said ‘do it now’ if you want one of the very limited spaces for a ticket. So I did, and my dad did — who started the obsession and unlike me has yet to meet him. We were successful because I think they had only just announced it. So guess what we’re all doing next Wednesday?! Now that deserves an air punch, doesn’t it?

And another ‘Whoop’.

So sad face replaced by squealing voice, punching the air VERY VERY HAPPY face within seconds! And to make up for lack of hospital appointment we went to the gym instead! Full of energy and extra excitement, despite purple bootie cast still in situ! And Mal just looking at me every time I had a moment… I had a few that went something like: “Did I tell you I am meeting Barry again next week?”

So… I finished a report to send to a client later today once I have proofed it … I had to work late but am busy now today… and did some prep for a client call this morning (now rescheduled for earlier owing to said appointment) … but I am truly excited about the day! Oh yes, I also conjured a plan to give Barry a copy of my novel! What do you think? Nothing ventured? He might even read it… well he has a long flight home?

So now today I have decided will be an EVEN better day than yesterday! Are you with me on that one? And watch out weekend!!! WHOOPING for England here!

Welcome to my madness… let it be infectious! You all have a great day and an even better weekend!!! Right? 🙂 🙂 🙂



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What We Choose To Hold

How precious time is

And yet… we cannot hold it in our hands.

Just as we cannot hold thoughts.

Or memories.

Or secrets.

Or clouds.

Or rainbows.

We cannot hold these things between our fingers.  Or can we?

A child tries; watch her as she cups her small hands, together, slowly teasing one edge apart, leaning closer to you.  “Look,” she whispers, “this is where I keep my wishes. See them?”

What of wishes?

We must set them free, into the wind like dandelion blossoms. Count them.

Like blessings floating on air.

We cannot hold sadness in our hands.

Or pain.

Or fear.

Or anger.

These things we must set free.

We cannot hold happiness in our hands.

Or can we?

The entwine of hands in yours; skin to skin?

So what of love? Can we hold this in our hands?

What of time? Before we know it, it’s gone.

So hold it close.

Like thoughts.

And memories.

And secrets.

And love.

And joy.

And hope.

And wishes.

And dreams.

And ideas.

Hold them close. 

Then let go of the things you can no longer hold onto… let go of the things that steal your joy; hate, envy, greed… let all those things run through your fingers like water.

Like sand.

Let go of these things.

Hold onto only the good things…

Like love.

Like joy.

Like memories.

Like wishes.

What you cannot hold in your hands, you can hold in your heart.

How precious time is

And yet… we cannot hold it in our hands.

How precious so many things.




Be kind.







Happiness in your hands

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Let’s make today FAB!

That’s it — simple message.

Let’s all of us count our many blessings and in a world of uncertainty and political worries, let’s just be kind to one another and make every moment count.

Today is going to be the BEST day ever. Okay? With me on that one?

Happy Wednesday friends!

Will leave you with my post on Facebook yesterday… If I could I would draw the cartoon of it…

So wish I’d been quick enough with my camera then. Just looked up from my writing to see Mum in her dressing gown chasing a scatty Rosie dog around the garden… Rosie had stolen Mum’s bra that was on the bed with her clothes to wear! Rosie was having a lovely time playing ‘chase me’ with said bra flapping from her jowls as Mum chased her in circles around the garden! Only way to make Rosie drop it was to shout ‘Biscuit!!!’ So now she’s been rewarded for being a tinker!!! #toofunny #brathief

Lazy sit Rosie

Me? Never!

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A Life of its Own

Well, last week I was getting into a new short story I had been commissioned to write for a new Bridge House collection; with a specific post-Brexit theme and what was supposed to be ‘up tp 4000 words’ turned into the longest short story, I think I have ever written, 11,600 words. I did edit it to within an inch of its life and I think it has to be this length, but the question now is is it really too long for the collection? Will everyone else be offended who was also invited to contribute? Urgh!!! We will have a think on that.

What I will say is that with lots going on in my life I was happy to find my mojo with this one as it seems the obsession took over and now I am wondering what to write next. I think I probably need to throw myself back into the Dotty novel although other novels are begging to be reworked, and I am also wondering if Gill still wants this long story or I might have to write a shorter alternative! Decisions and all of that. What to write when there are too many… is that the opposite of writer’s block perhaps?!!!

This last week or more I have been thinking ahead to all things positive and trying to manifest the life I truly need to be happy.

These are my new positive messages I have across my computer tower…




Happy shiny new week folks…. maybe it be the BEST EVER!

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Happy Easter

Have a wonderful weekend… I will be back next Tuesday!




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Tomorrow will be better than you ever imagined it would be.

Tomorrow is the day you punch the air and say I did it! I did it!

Tomorrow is the future you have been waiting for.

Tomorrow is… yesterday’s today.

Live it now; in this moment because tomorrow hasn’t come yet. So make it count today.

Feel the success today. Be in the moment today. Make today better than you ever imagined. Make today the day you punch the air with success. Make today the future.

That is all.

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Today will be a great day.

No matter what happens today will be great.

Today we will stand together, not apart.

Today we will count blessings, not fears.

Today we will be grateful for what we have, not sad about what we don’t.

That is all.

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