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On the Radio

So want to know more about our anthology, Tales from the Upper Room?

I am waiting to receive a lovely box of books, exciting! Not seen it yet!

The book is now on Amazon or if you’re local you can pick up a copy and have it signed at the charity fundraiser launch on November 24th for a fiver!

Dad, also a member of Canvey Writers, has a story and a poem in the collection, I have a story. We will be on the Tony Fisher Show just after 3 this afternoon talking about the book and the launch for Havens Hospices! It’s BBC Radio Essex… do tune in and have a listen!!!

Please share our event folks!


Poster Upper Room

Reserve your tickets here and pay your £2 on the door!

 All for a wonderful cause!


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Buzz about Books

So here I am having to blog less because of work and early starts at the gym but I am still here!

I am on BBC Radio Essex this week talking about our charity book launch!

The book is now out although it says out of stock but once orders are placed then copies will get into the system!

If you’re local come to our event and get your copy for £5!!!

Poster Upper Room

Book tickets here (free to book) but pay £2 on the door!

Buy the book on AMAZON here:


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With great gusto…

I embrace a new week and all it has to offer.

We are about to enter the spooky zone and so it might be a good time to bring out some of those creep horror tales. You know, the very first story I achieved something with (apart from winning writing comps as a kid) and before what I call my publishing debut proper when Jigsaw was published in the first Bridge House anthology, I had a story chosen in a US writing competition. It was called In Shadow. I did try to locate it but the website is no longer there. Somewhere I have the PDF version of the eBook!  I can’t share an extract as I can’t find the story, but it is a group of teenagers, sat together on Halloween in a graveyard… where else, right? But they are there to light candles and remember their friend who was bullied. While it does have the cliché of the graveyard and something that moves in the shadows, it also carries a horror of this young girl’s life and they all felt they should have done more.

I grew up on Stephen King so love things that make me shudder. What about you?

Any spooky tales you care to share with us?

Here’s my brother’s creepy cover on one of our spooky books over at Bridge House…




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Empower and Inspire

I love the editing process as much as the initial creation of something from nothing.


I don’t understand writers who see editing as ‘drudgery’ since it’s 90% of the writing process. I remember the first time I had a critique, in fact, that was how I met my business partner at Bridge House, the fabulous Gill James. It was the first time I knew I had not been fumbling in the dark thinking what I was doing might be okay but was it? She inspired me to carry on; that is was worth it.

I got my report back from the industry editor last week, that I have now had the chance to study and I am so so pleased. It’s really positive which helps. But there are things I need to do and I really can’t wait. It’s great being the other side of the fence and to fully appreciate the value of the ms appraisal. In this case I felt I needed someone better than me to look at it as I knew I wasn’t making obvious errors 🙂 Someone who knows!

Most of what I do tends to be the whole appraisal, which includes a line edit but not like a final polish because often whole sections might not even make the final cut so you have to find the right balance.

One of the things I aspire to do with my work is to empower the writer.  Always. The hope is that even if they need to do a lot of work on the manuscript — they can’t wait. I hope I have armed them with the tools, but more than that, the desire and the passion to see what they can achieve. It all takes work but if you have that absolute passion you will want it to be as good as it can be, right?

That’s how I feel about this novel. It’s been four years since the last novel was out and I have been working away on other novels as well as shorts, but I am so ready for the next stage.

The message is a simple one: make sure you love what you’re doing — every part of the process. And make sure you don’t fumble in the dark — have your work looked at by someone who knows. By someone who tells you it straight but who does so in such a way you are empowered and inspired!

Be open to the good critique, so choose wisely! I always seem to have 6-8 weeks of work these days, now scheduling for December/January and a lot of people come back, so I must be doing something right, right?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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Monday, whoop!

Sorry for there being fewer blogs! What with early starts at the gym, and a heap of work, my schedule has changed a little which is why I am not blogging every morning! I will be once things settle.

I am soon set to make some lovely revisions to Chutney, that had a great ms appraisal, and it will have a new name soon too! Having not been able to write, owing to work demands, I need to redress the balance now as well. I am fired up based on such positive feedback from an industry editor, to get my teeth into it.  WHOOP!

So just a short post to say I am still here, but demands on my time have changed my schedule around a little.

I have some clients’ books to tell you about soon as well!

Enjoy Monday and count life’s blessings every day. Every. Single. Day. ❤


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Charity Showcase Event!

Sorry I did not post this as intended on Friday, the morning ran away with itself and I was away this weekend and only came home yesterday afternoon!

As you know I run the Canvey Writers St Nicholas Group and this year (our third year) we decided to use my role at Bridge House to publish a collection of your stories and poems. This prompted us to set up a critique group so we could ensure these were of the best quality possible.

Well, that collection, now aptly called Tales from the upper room is set for release next month and we celebrate that with our special event on Canvey Island!

The profits from the book as well as ALL proceeds from the evening go to Havens Hospices that support terminally ill and life-limited adults and children in the local area.

Why not come along if you’re local?

It is £2 on the door which includes drink and nibbles! However, because the church is limited for spaces then you need to download your free eTickets first and then pay when you come!


Here is the link! Poster to follow soon!


Please do let people know!!!

perf5.500x8.500.inddComing soon… to Amazon!

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The Power of a Story

I was going to tell you about our book launch event next month but I will share those details with you tomorrow. Instead I thought I would talk to you about how stories enter our lives and the power of those stories.

Why do you write? Or perhaps you’re a reader, then what makes a story really live inside your head?

I love stories, but not just the ones we write: the ones we live, watch, read. Last night we finally got to watch the movie, Lion. Anyone seen it? It’s on Amazon Prime right now.

I didn’t know too much about this so was drawn into the storytelling; not even aware why it was called Lion, if you don’t know then watch the movie or read the book. It is based on a true story by  Saroo Brierley called A Long Way Home. I loved this, so much, and think this is the kind of story that captures the power of moments. It’s about a child who is lost. He gets on a train and travels for days. He has no idea where he came from and says the name of his home village all wrong so can’t find home, or his mother and brother.

This really hit something primordial inside me and as we see how this affected him and the path he was then on, adopted in Australia, the path eventually must lead home. It takes twenty-five years.

Why does this story work? Because of that tapping into something inside of us all. We connect to this feeling of being lost; all of us in one way or another. We imagine how we might feel if that happened to us.

It’s powerful storytelling but not overstated. I was crying, yep I was moved.


If you get the chance look at the arc of this story and how it unfolds. The conflict is established early, we connect to this child. We fear for him and we go on this journey with him that takes him further and further from home. We know all along that somehow to resolve this he must one day go back. But how that happens and is brought about is just great.

I love the kinds of stories that live in my head long after the final credits. I love the kinds of stories that I know have, somehow, in some way, changed me. 

And that is why I write. 

What makes this more powerful is it really happened.


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