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Writing Prompts

We had a great meeting last night at Canvey Writers.

I set out with three different types of writing prompt: one envelope called Plotting, one called Sculpting and one called Subtext. The idea was no one knew which was the more fiction one, which was more memoir and which was screenplay and they then all had twenty minutes to work. The ones who chose the Subtext one, of which I needed four, had to go elsewhere to work as a team.

It was really interesting to see how people got on and what we learned about each of them as a writer through the work they produced.

I will share some of this with you later in the week, but first, let’s look at what each prompt was and perhaps some of you might like to play along at home!

  1. Plotting: each person who chose this had three questions on a piece of paper. Here are some examples:
  1. Who just snuck in through the window?
  2. What were they carrying?
  3. Where were they going?


  1. Who is Ethan?
  2. Why is he crying?
  3. What is he going to do about it?


  1. Whose house is Julia leaving?
  2. Why was she there?
  3. Where is she going now?


  1. What is Alfie’s big idea?
  2. Who does he share it with?
  3. What is their plan of action?


  1. Why is the dog barking?
  2. Whose dog is it?
  3. What happened to the owner?


  1. What big secret did Maisie overhear?
  2. Who will she tell first?
  3. What will happen next?


2. Sculpting:

In any order, time-wise write out five life-defining moments.


3. Subtext:

In a group of 4 we will explore ‘subtext’ in a scene through action and reaction.


Person one: Employee

Person two: Boss

Scenario: Employee is asking the Boss for a pay rise.

Person three: the thoughts of Person one.

Person four: the thoughts of Person two.

Create the scene, location, time of day, brief visual on the two characters speaking.

Write their dialogue (actions as direction based on how you would act out the dialogue: hands to face, looking down etc.)

Person three and four must narrate the internal dialogue after what is said.

Create a scene that time permitting can be acted out!

So how did they get on… find out later this week!

The Canvey Writers hard at work…


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Mentoring Programme for Writers

I seem to do a lot more mentoring these days which I find fruitful for many reasons, for both myself and my clients.

We are all so busy in our lives and so writing that novel, finishing that short story collection, completing that project gets pushed aside. But when we have a weekly phone call and an expectation to produce something it forms a focus.

I am not sure how some of you are getting along with your new year’s resolutions but February is often the time when we flounder. So, I am proposing a six-week mentoring programme that begins next month for a small group, let’s say 6 writers with partially finished projects and serious intentions. You would need to set aside at least two- two and a half hours a week to work on it, but really if you call it 3o minutes a day and get up earlier, for example, it is pretty easy to do. And then another 30 minutes to an hour for a discussion which can be one-to-one or we can do a group chat later as we progress so we support one another.

All it will cost (and we do really need 6 of us) is £125 for 6 weeks of mentoring and finishing with a meet-up if not too widely dispersed so I am suggesting London. I have not run this before but my feeling is that it will be worthwhile as a way of kick-starting serious projects, so you do achieve that dream this year. At the end of the course I will offer guidance on what to do next including submitting your work.

If you are serious I need an email telling me about your writing project and intentions, how far you are along with it and what time you have available.

Email me now



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Taking stock

Sometimes all you need to do is stand back and look at your life and appreciate just how far you have come to see where you’re heading.

A lot has happened this past month and now I am beginning to get back down to earth and focus on my writing and my editing work. I have work scheduled into April so all good 🙂

I am also still working on the new short story since there is a looming deadline I would like to meet. It’s an odd week as I have a touch of the lurgy and so under advice from the lovely Mr B I am not at the gym! NO!!!!!! I feel fine (ish) but the cough is doing my head in!)… but I am sure the world will not implode if I miss the gym for two days! But I do need to write!!!

If you need a reality check stand still and look at what you have because I promise you there is always always something to be grateful for ❤

That is all. Enjoy your day folks…


A photo of us (in glasses) as we read our own vows after the real ones! I am not sure I have achieved the I promise to try to talk less though!

Us 3Debz and Mal with The Revd Canon David Tudor, 19.1.19, St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, Essex

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Appreciate the moment.

Let the writing take you on a journey.

Let the writing take you on a journey.

Appreciate the moment.




beach calm clouds coast

.Photo by Ibrahim Asad on    

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The fun continues

Just a short Friday post as we prepare for the weekend. I know some of you have snow days! Enjoy and stay warm. I plan to stay in all day and finish the latest edit as well as look at some short stories. I am also still working out the structure for my Japanese POW story.

I will be back and blogging Tuesday 🙂

Have fun everyone!


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Passion and only passion

The only way to feel a real connection to all that you are and all that you aspire to be is by following your true passion.

I have said that many times but it is so true.

I see so many people moaning about things in their life instead of counting their blessings. We all know life can throw tough things at us and there will be times when smiling and getting back up proves to be a real challenge. And you know what, some days it is okay to wallow. But know one thing — in the end, it comes down to choice and mindset.

I make a commitment to myself to follow my heart in all things and that no matter what I would make sure I was enjoying the ride, and learning from the mistakes. I have been working for myself for some nine years this year and it still never ceases to amaze me that I can do it and I can pull together a reasonable enough living to at least pay my bills. And we do have fun and get away, have date days, have meals out. But if pennies are tight we do other things and there are plenty of free things to do. Life is not about how much we spend but how many moments we truly engage in, it’s about how we spend our lives ❤

My husband also follows his passion and has for all his life. If he had followed what other kids from his estate were doing when he was growing up, he might have walked an altogether different path in life. He did not want to end up in trouble, so he built a gym in his shed and made a dream, one that he achieved. He knows about the need for passion, in all things. That what you might not be rich in, financially, can bring much greater rewards in the richness of life.

There can only be one way: following your passion.

The financial rewards will come, but as a side effect and should not be the reason for doing something.

If you love what you do it will never feel like work, right?

It’s been a busy week and I am now taking work on for April and beyond. If you need my services as an editor, for some structural editing through to proof-reading or you need some one-to-one mentoring or fancy taking part in some small group mentoring to finally work on that novel or collection of short stories then please contact me and we will launch the mentoring this spring/summer. Please email me if interested

If you have passion, then you have drive and if you have drive you will always succeed.

Never Give Up.

follow your passion


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System Overload!

I am looking back at the last month and my growing list of edits and realising my time management is a little off, with a lot of work to get through these next two weeks and a lovely weekend away in the middle of it. Back down to earth with an OMG!

But since I love it that is great but when scheduling time in all of that to write my own stuff is limited I feel cheated somehow! So I will make time for it even if sleep gets sacrificed!

I always see January 1st as a factory reset and the organisation is so much better but how quickly we step into the habits we were trying to avoid! But I am determined as we close in on February 1st to get things back on track, with work and writing and then I will feel so much better!

I guess new year’s resolutions can be like that, which is why I just make ongoing goals and I do achieve them rather than a crazy brainstorm of ideas that by February have faded into the drizzle or been wiped out by the snow! I see it all the time around me, luckily I am not like that and do set out to make all goals a reality. And as for the gym, I am always there and on a healthy eating plan as I have done the yo-yo thing in the past and hate it. Best to have self-control and cheat days forever rather than slip into bad habits and then have to go on massive diets, right?

So here I am blogging nonsenses as usual as it was in my plan to blog every day again when possible and to write with passion and determination. Which I will.

So have a happy day folks!

dream big


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