Writing from the heart… and the foot

Writing is something we do alone; or we tend to. I know I need peace and not even music, as this has an odd influence on my mood which naturally gets translated into the writing. Not always a bad thing but it does feel as if the writing is then coming from somewhere else.

I love when the writing takes us over; absorbs us and takes to another place entirely. That is always the hope, right? And I think when it does that it is moving us to another level. It’s that buzz — that excitement — that sense that we are part of something outside of ourselves and yet at the same time, very much inside ourselves. Does that make sense?

So the mission is to find that as I write this morning and, in fact, every day.

I might have more writing time over the next month or so because it seems that, sadly, the badly bruised foot from stepping off the bed (all I did was stand on it to straighten a wonky picture on the wall) and twisting it oddly as I landed to a loud crack (that I thought was just soft tissues groaning) was, in fact, the lovely sound of my bone breaking in my foot — or so that’s why after four days it was no better! So I am wearing a cast and have crutches which is not conducive to my very active lifestyle so visits to the gym (if I can negotiate the steep flight of stairs) will be more for coffee and company… but the man has supplied weights and will help me work out my upper body at least. These things and all of that. Urgh… but I will write and make the most of it. However, after my gym challenge and how active I usually am, this will not be easy for me! URGH!!!!

So, my mission today, as I adjust to using crutches that send the dog into a wild dancing frenzy because she does not like sticks, is to write the new short story in outline at least today and then edit and submit before I get on with the novel next week.

I could now add some groan-inducing pun about how I really always wanted to spend every day plastered, but I better not.

Have a great Wednesday… can you do yoga still in a cast?

Watch me try! (Strictly in the privacy of my own home naturally!)


Cat photo as you really do not want one of me!

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