Passion and only passion

The only way to feel a real connection to all that you are and all that you aspire to be is by following your true passion.

I have said that many times but it is so true.

I see so many people moaning about things in their life instead of counting their blessings. We all know life can throw tough things at us and there will be times when smiling and getting back up proves to be a real challenge. And you know what, some days it is okay to wallow. But know one thing — in the end, it comes down to choice and mindset.

I make a commitment to myself to follow my heart in all things and that no matter what I would make sure I was enjoying the ride, and learning from the mistakes. I have been working for myself for some nine years this year and it still never ceases to amaze me that I can do it and I can pull together a reasonable enough living to at least pay my bills. And we do have fun and get away, have date days, have meals out. But if pennies are tight we do other things and there are plenty of free things to do. Life is not about how much we spend but how many moments we truly engage in, it’s about how we spend our lives ❤

My husband also follows his passion and has for all his life. If he had followed what other kids from his estate were doing when he was growing up, he might have walked an altogether different path in life. He did not want to end up in trouble, so he built a gym in his shed and made a dream, one that he achieved. He knows about the need for passion, in all things. That what you might not be rich in, financially, can bring much greater rewards in the richness of life.

There can only be one way: following your passion.

The financial rewards will come, but as a side effect and should not be the reason for doing something.

If you love what you do it will never feel like work, right?

It’s been a busy week and I am now taking work on for April and beyond. If you need my services as an editor, for some structural editing through to proof-reading or you need some one-to-one mentoring or fancy taking part in some small group mentoring to finally work on that novel or collection of short stories then please contact me and we will launch the mentoring this spring/summer. Please email me if interested

If you have passion, then you have drive and if you have drive you will always succeed.

Never Give Up.

follow your passion



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System Overload!

I am looking back at the last month and my growing list of edits and realising my time management is a little off, with a lot of work to get through these next two weeks and a lovely weekend away in the middle of it. Back down to earth with an OMG!

But since I love it that is great but when scheduling time in all of that to write my own stuff is limited I feel cheated somehow! So I will make time for it even if sleep gets sacrificed!

I always see January 1st as a factory reset and the organisation is so much better but how quickly we step into the habits we were trying to avoid! But I am determined as we close in on February 1st to get things back on track, with work and writing and then I will feel so much better!

I guess new year’s resolutions can be like that, which is why I just make ongoing goals and I do achieve them rather than a crazy brainstorm of ideas that by February have faded into the drizzle or been wiped out by the snow! I see it all the time around me, luckily I am not like that and do set out to make all goals a reality. And as for the gym, I am always there and on a healthy eating plan as I have done the yo-yo thing in the past and hate it. Best to have self-control and cheat days forever rather than slip into bad habits and then have to go on massive diets, right?

So here I am blogging nonsenses as usual as it was in my plan to blog every day again when possible and to write with passion and determination. Which I will.

So have a happy day folks!

dream big


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Back into the Swing

It’s quite hard coming down after recent events and it feels like a bit of a bump back down but there is so much to look forward to!

Short and sweet post this morning as I write away at my desk and look at the rather full list of jobs and wonder how I can fit it all in! But great to be busy!!!


That is all, keep writing and I will be back tomorrow!

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From Mr and Mrs Brown with love

wedding 2


Sometimes things really are perfect and that is how I feel about the memory of last weekend… 19.1.19, even the date has a perfect symmetry to it.

I had to wait to be fifty before I got to walk up the aisle as a bride, I had never even been the kind of child to imagine how that might feel… or even as an adult. Other things seemed more important than ‘being a princess for the day’, but maybe I get it a bit now. It wasn’t about the attention, it was about love; about people coming together. I cannot put into words how amazing it was that people came from far and wide, some even as far as LA!

The world started to take on a whole surreal feel to it about halfway through that week as I finished off my edits in preparation. I had an odd moment when I was late for something and had to go back into the store and there were my LA friends just standing in the doorway to Sainsbury’s! I knew they had come as we’d arranged for them to be collected from the airport but Dad said they were jetlagged and sleeping. Later I saw photos on Facebook of friends from LA and from Liverpool taken at Canvey beach. Surreal but beautiful!

I loved having the girls stay over the night before the wedding, my neighbour from Wales and her lovely friend and my bestie, Elaine, my chief Bridesmaid. I slept on the couch and woke up with a jolt of oh my God I get married today! Actually, I felt pretty calm, long candlelit soak in the bath and it was only as we were going to the hall with the stuff and a huge team of helpers, already at work, that my heart did a flip thing. But then it was at the hairdressers for hair and make-up and the calmness came back. I could rely on my team to make it all look lovely and I am truly humbled and grateful to all of them! I had sandwiches delivered for the girls as we got ready and actually eating something made my stomach calm. Breathe in and enjoy every moment.

The only small panic came later when it was all hands on deck to button up the back of my dress and I was worried about time. But I needn’t have worried.

I held Dad’s hand in the car to the church, that was a moment… and another came as I stood in the church entrance and saw my little page boy, Max, holding onto the hand of the little bridesmaid, Vivianne. Perfect memories to hold dear forever.

My heart flipped again when I saw Mal standing there, waiting for me, tears in his eyes. So handsome.

I will save some of the other things for another blog, or I will be here all day with my head still in those clouds.

All I will say is David Tudor, Father David, made the service so special and so amazing people keep on telling me it was the best wedding they have ever been to! I even had them sing ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams in church 🙂 and listen to Barry Manilow!

And the party excelled itself as everyone was so so so friendly. What amazing friends we have. 

It was the kind of day I never wanted to end for so many reasons: but above all, it is about love and friendship and for that, we feel truly blessed. TRULY ❤

Nothing about the day wasn’t just perfect.

This is the kind of feeling that when I look back I want to inhale, like a special perfume, like the special perfumes we bought and wore only for this day and will wear for wedding-related anniversaries as a way to hold the memory dear. I want to bottle the feeling and play it back over and over.

And I have a feeling I will.

We are so truly grateful for everything.

Perfect in so many ways.

wedding 7wedding 6

Thank you to everyone who made it all so very special. I will share more photos soon!

From Mr and Mrs Brown with love ❤

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What’s in a name?

Actually, I spend a lot of time in my writing thinking very carefully about names.

Names have to feel right for character, it’s like naming a child or pet. I often change character names if they don’t feel quite right. I urge you to think the same way. So for example, Lydia in While No One Was Watching started life as ‘Delores’ but there was a psychic of that name in Ghost and of course the famous Delores in Stephen King’s book (albeit a different spelling) so I tried on a few names before I found the perfect one.

So my friends, on the subject of names, this will be my last blog post as a Miss, after fifty years of being a miss! Yes there will be no blog posts now until a week’s time (unless the wedding gets to me and I feel I must!!!) but the idea is next time I blog I will be a Mrs — complete with new surname.

I started life as Debbie Wyatt. Not a bad name but always more or less last on the register! But a good noble English name, even if we are related to a famous traitor!

Lee and I no doubt would have married and he would have made me ‘Mrs Hobbs’. Also a solid name. But sadly I lost Lee to cancer before that could ever happen. We’d talked about it. In a desperate act of love, I did even ask him to marry me on his 32nd birthday (which, as it turned out, was only a week before he died). I had this crazy ‘movie style’ notion we could do it at the hospital (how sad would that have been though?)… the nurses said we could, in fact, they wanted us to. But Mr Pragmatic that he was, he said he wanted to wait and if he got better we’d do it properly — he said in his eyes, we were married anyway and that’s what counted. True, we were connected so deeply, but sad never the less. I guess I just wanted to be his wife and have his name. Alas, it was never meant to be.

That is why a few months after his death I decided to join our names forever, I did not want to be Hobbs as it felt as if I was saying well we would have been married and that was not why I did it. So I became by deed poll: Hobbs-Wyatt.

The hyphen is a symbol of our undying connection.


On the plus side, I did move up the register 🙂 I remember when I called people, the bank etc. to change it, how everyone assumed good news and congratulated me on my wedding. I had to point out it was still Miss and it was not what they thought. A few embarrassed silences later, the message hit: don’t make assumptions.

This time will be different. So different 🙂

While I will be proudly changing my name to Brown (another noble surname) on Saturday — for my work and for my writing I will forever be Hobbs-Wyatt. This feels absolutely right, the way I felt when I decided on Lydia in my novel.

Sure, ‘Hobbs-Wyatt-Brown’ has a nice ring to it (a touch of Jane Austin maybe?) but reeks of pomp to me, anyway when I get really famous it means I will have a fairly dull sounding normal name so will be harder to find by stalkers!!! 😉 There are lots of Browns…

This thinking about names also brings to mind how last year my brother married so we gained a Wyatt and of course a new one is on the way too!

So, Hobbs-Wyatt, the writer/editor (the only one as far as I know) by day, Brown the wife by night.

And hey, from W to B, not bad in terms of alphabetical lists, right? I am moving up in the world 😉 

So that is all for now and I will be back next week blogging for the first time as a Mrs!

glasses weddingHave a wonderful writing time folks: think carefully about names, it’s important ❤

In celebration of my nuptials, ONE free signed copy of my novel to the first person to message me here in reply to this post saying only your name! I will request your address and post it out after the wedding!


Oh and PS rings are made and we tried them on for size, just need polishing and engraving and will be collected Friday morning in time for the wedding. Yay!



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Being Prepared

Ever watch Friends? I used to love that show. In fact, I was in the audience for a taping of that show and loved it! Remember Monica and her lists! Well, that’s me! Although not quite so highly strung and dominating but that is me!

Funny how many people this week seem to think I would not be doing normal things as if the wedding means I ought to be running around like a headless chicken to use a cliched expression! Well, I am the queen of prep! I have had a year to slowly buy everything you need for a wedding reception you are hosting yourself, all the big things were booked a year ago including the hotel for the wedding night. But the rest has been bought and sorted. I think the only thing we are waiting on (and it is nothing to do with me in terms of what has happened) are the rings. We went in about them last spring and ordered them in September. The guy’s wife has been ill causing a delay and we are promised them in time for Saturday but slightly unnerving that we still haven’t got them. Since we both have matching eternity rings that would suffice as a substitute there is a contingency plan but I am not very amused by this since I was prepared and sorted this out months ago. Ever the optimist I am sure it will be okay, but sometimes the best made plans and all of that. Nothing will spoil the day though, it is what it is.

I have just finished an edit to send over later and then I am free to do the things that need doing, mostly house clean for guests, thank you speech written out so we don’t forget and beauty treatments (it might take some time to beautify me!).

Gym this morning then relax, write, but no pressure as I want to savour everything about this special week.

The special part about a wedding is I get to see all my favourite people on one day and in one place; some of whom I have not seen for ages! My bestie Liverpool buddy talked to me on the phone last night and I am so excited as I have not seen her since I moved! We used to do loads together. I have not met her man yet either! And my LA friends leave LA tomorrow to arrive on Friday!!! How wonderful. We also have friends from Brighton coming as well as the more local friends and family.

Am I excited… YES! Am I prepared… ABSOLUTELY!

All please use the power of thought to get us our rings though… or call Gold and Diamonds on Canvey Island and give them a nudge please!!!

friends-0What counts the most is spending time with your friends…

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Zoning Out

The best place to be for a writer is ‘in the zone’. Loosely described this is that place, you know the one — where you lose everything else. All that exists is the story. You lose yourself, the sounds around you, place changes. You create a warped sense of what is real. In fact, the story alone is what is real.

It’s a great place to be.

It’s my belief that the real immersion that comes from being zoned out, allows you to create something with the same power for your reader. If you can create blindness to all but the characters and the story, then you will bring the reader along with you.

That is my mission for the day. What about you?



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