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July 12, 2017 · 5:26 am

A little happy moment

Be grateful.

If I have learned one thing and yes I have said it many times, it’s that.

Be thankful.

Count your blessings.

Cherish what you have.

It’s often the smallest things that mean the most: a smile, a touch of the hand, a kiss, a thank you on the lips.

Twelve years ago I said goodbye to the most important person in my life. It all happened so fast. One second we were buying house things, tables, choosing duvet covers, cushions… you know what I mean… for the house we were buying. And then it was all over and it was just me. I picked up the keys without him while he was in the hospital (but then expected to be okay, the diagnosis came a week later), I moved in without him. I bought cushions without him.

It feels like I have been on a massive journey to finally be back to thinking housey things again with my lovely Mal. How odd the world is, but I cherish it all as we look ahead… new beginnings. Change.

It’s been a long journey for us both.

So yes, one simple message: be thankful, be grateful, cherish every moment.

That is all ❤

Be grateful

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One Small Message

If there is one simple message for today, it has to be this…

Live and love and cherish every moment.

That is all ❤

May this be a TRULY amazing week!

Whoop to life!

celebrate good times

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If you see it in your mind…

…you are holding it in your hand.


Everything you ever dreamed of is yours for the taking… if you only believe. It’s hard to keep going sometimes when your work is rejected; when you feel it isn’t good enough. It’s true in everything in our lives. I see it all the time in the people I meet at the gym.

I see how people start off with the most powerful intentions and then they stumble at the first hurdle and some just give up. Well, that’s when you have to decide if you’re a winner or a loser. What do you want? The ones who make it, be in successes with their writing or who really do make that ‘forever’ lifestyle change, are the ones who, no matter how difficult it gets, get back up; who look up and forward and not down and back.

I have said it a lot on here but I mean it… anything and everything is possible… if you want it enough, if you stay hungry for it enough and if you believe in yourself enough….

One thing I have learned is that anything is ALWAYS possible. 

So what are you waiting for?

Have a truly AMAZING Friday and EVEN BETTER weekend folks! See you Monday 🙂



Yay to life!!!

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Always a Winner!!!

Live life as a winner, never a loser.

Live life as if you just won a BIG trophy for something truly amazing. As if you just had a standing ovation.

Live life with hope and excitement! Always.

That is all 🙂


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The trials of self-employment

I love working for myself, truly.

There are far more positives than negatives.

I really love what I do… which helps!

The only thing that causes struggles is when too many things are ALL happening at once, which seems to the case now. I seem to have an awful lot to do, not just work as this is nicely scheduled, but other things, editing things, home things… and I kind of wish I could invent more time!



I did manage my lovely holiday but now I think I need another! It’s rare I take time off, but this week I am juggling work with home things! But it will be sorted I know! Everything in life is about balance and soon that will be restored! Itching to get back writing too!

Life is a bubbling exciting heaving time of happiness ❤ 

That is all!


The future is the other side of the chaos!

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Leicester Writes!

Well, it has indeed been a successful and winning weekend all round… kicking off with a writing success and then ending with one of Mal’s friends who he’s been coaching winning his bodybuilding competition, his first ever one 🙂 So the weekend has been an odd mixture of the two things we both do, Mal and I! Not usually two things that go together, but it’s all about working hard for something then not so different! My mind has expanded this weekend and hats off to how hard any winner has to work, right?

But since this is a writing blog I have to talk to you about that first, but the winning mentality, of course, applies to all aspects of our lives and needs to be cherished 🙂 and nurtured: always strive to be the very best you can be.

So Mum and I went off to Leicester for our annual weekend or, in this case, day away, having not had the chance to go in 2016.

So first the ‘obligatory’ selfie of us…




We stayed at the Ibis which turned out to be just five minutes’ walk from Leicester train station and five minutes the other way to the Phoenix where we had the event 🙂 I chose well, thanks to Google maps!

Hotel shot… another must!


We arrived at lunch time Friday and we did a spot of shopping, as you do! Then we got ready, found a nice Italian/Greek place for dinner before we went to the venue. Great venue too! This event to launch the winners’ anthology of the Leicester Writes Short Story Competition (their first one) ended what had been a week of all things literary! Honoured to be part of this and to have come third!

A massive thank you to the judges for all their hard work… Rebecca Burns, Divya Ghelani, Nina Stibbe, and Grace Haddon and bookseller, Debbie James. Also MASSIVE thanks to Farhana Shaikh for organising it all and for the jaffa cakes (although we never had any!), and the editor, Richard Sheehan, and of course to Dahlia Publishing!

I was honoured to part of such a talented group of writers and if you can please do get yourself a copy of this wonderful collection…


The judges talked to us, and about the selection process and then some of the runners-up delighted us by reading from their amazing stories. I have been to lots of short story readings for collections like this, but I truly was blown away by the standard!







We had… first half, Karl, Catherine, Asha, Bev and Matt…



And in the second half, the finalists:


Lynne E Blackwood HIGHLY COMMENDED (Editor Richard also in shot!)


Debz Hobbs-Wyatt 3rd (trying to look intelligent)


Siobhan Logan 2nd

Catherine winner

C G Menon WINNER!!!!! So talented!


So truly great stories were showcased here and a great evening was enjoyed by all… so do celebrate the short story form and what can be achieved by getting yourself a copy from the publisher! LINK again!


Thanks everyone!!! What a great event!


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