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Being Connected to Everything Else

We do not live in a bubble, even if we think it sometimes: we are all connected to everything else. People come into our lives because they are meant to and we know inside if a person or a situation or a job is right. It’s strange how often when I am editing work and working closely with my mentoring clients (I have a full house now), that I realise how some of the connections go beyond a random click of a website, or someone assigned to me because Cornerstones think they will ask a few of us and I happen to be chosen. You see these connections go deeper.

Recently I have had a few clients who are spiritual and who tell they were drawn to my website and then it seems the connections go deeper: we have read many of the same books, we just connect.

I think all of this shows us we are on the right path and anything, I have learned, that does not feel right, I walk away from.

I love my life,  on so many levels. No, no life is perfect but mine is perfect for me and now I am back and writing I could not be happier.

What I will say, as we start another beautiful new week, is look out for those connections. Some might be random meetings in a coffee shop with a stranger who does not stay a stranger for long.

Once you get it, once you feel connected and once you understand how your thinking and you mindset control what happens, life will just feel as if it is creating itself to your whim.

Think it and it will be yours.

That is all.


Monday morning’s musings 🙂

The Secret


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The Sudden Strangeness of Things

Some mornings start out like any other; it’s a regular day and it starts with all the hope and inspiration of any regular day. But today might not be any regular day.

This week was like that for me, a regular week, a regular Monday until…

Stories reflect life.

When you have something happen in a story, something sudden, unexpected, something that hangs life in a precarious balance, it makes for an interesting story, perhaps not such an interesting day in real life, more a scary day that brings with it a real lesson in perspective. Use those moments well as you write.

I won’t go into detail, only assure all is well with me and mine, but some events earlier this week once again brought that lesson in perspective and how fragile all the threads are.


So all I want to share this morning is: make every day count. Tell those you love how much you love them and just be happy ❤

The small stuff doesn’t matter.

Tree Life

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The Chain Reaction

I have had an interesting time finally getting back to writing. In the last ten years, there have not been many times when I have not written, every weekday at least, but at the end of last year, work meant I was focussed more on that. After my edit by the editor that spurred me on I still decided to rest the novel until the new year. All fired up after a week off ready to get back in, I was ill and then the following week I had to catch up with the work. But I then had to write. Had. To. It was mid-January.

It was probably the longest time not writing for me, six to eight weeks but now I am writing again I am lost in it. And this odd thing happens. Once you write, it’s like you mind opens up to more possibilities and creativity breeds creativity, one glorious chain reaction.

Is it like that for you?

I am finally back to being me and this time, no matter what, I will write 🙂


That is all. Happy Monday! Happy New Month, Happy New Year!


what makes you happy

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I learned more from failure…

… than I learned from success. I learned from ‘no thank you’ so much more than from ‘yes’. I learned to be willing to lead with my chin and if I was willing to lose… I could win.” Absolutely. 

The words of the song ‘The Other 99.’

Great advice.

Failure is the only thing that makes us get up, brush ourselves off and start again. It’s how we learn as children, it’s how we learn as adults, it’s how we learn… full stop. If we don’t, we stay in the same place. Had we been good enough without the struggle, then what is the reward? It means all the more for that fight. When people say yes but it’s not that easy, it’s too hard…  sure it’s hard… but actually, know what is easy? Changing the mindset. Rethink the way the brain naturally wants to see things. You learned that… so now learn this: one more failure is a step closer to your goal. I know that if you give up, then you will never achieve it. That is a certainty. Don’t play the loser or the victim, get up! You got this! Start now. What messages do you tell yourself, if you expect to fail, you will fail.

I was talking to a client recently about knowing when something feels good enough. Good enough to wow its audience, get published, spark reaction? We are so insecure as writers, when do we know? Do we know?

I think we do.

It’s that intuition that comes when you are experienced in sending work out there and having acceptances, and you get a sense that this works. While No One Was Watching was the fourth novel I’d written (the first to be published) but I knew by then it had that something and that I had learned from writing the other novels and having my short story successes that it had ‘the thing’. ‘The thing’ that, I have to say, is hard to define 🙂 It’s a sixth sense, this is working, this has appeal, this has voice. To get there you have to work at it: develop, hone, rethink, not be afraid to start over. That is the journey of the writer, right? And then you feel it, the buzz, the sense that this has that all elusive ‘thing’. (Do the happy dance!) Of course, we then question ourselves because we are writers, we overthink things, but I think when you have it, you know it, you can be quietly, but not overconfidently, hopeful.

I know two of the other novels of the four have it too, actually, three do — but the third needs a total rethink, so none of them are quite there yet, however, the one I am now almost done editing again does have it. I am sure. It helps an industry editor also saw its potential too of course! What I do know is that this week, despite a ton of work, another cold that is keeping me from the gym this morning (urgh, don’t you hate that!), I am getting the obsession for that story and it kind of takes over everything else. Yep destroys all logical thought about other things. I sit there feeling like I ought to be editing for someone else because this feels like too much fun to be work… yeah that feeling. Whooop!

This is why I do this!

I love it! ❤

How’d ya like my new banner? It was created by my talented friend! Thanks, Manic Pianic! I never asked her, it just magically appeared this morning. Nicky (to use her real name) is the one who wrote and performed the song ‘While No One Watching’ and the SoundCloud of me reading as Lydia! And other bits I have to share too!

New banner

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Getting from A to B

Here I am again thinking about how I can draw similarities between something I learned in the gym and writing! When Mal did his interview on passion he talked a lot about the value of experience and then in an impromptu training session with some of us last week, he talked about moving weights from point A to point B. Then he showed us some nifty moves: things not in books about how you lift the weight and how slowly you move it and that sometimes you don’t just go straight from A to B.

Then I read a post about character development last night as I said I would focus on this at the next Canvey Writers’ meeting, and he talked about the arc of taking a character from A to B. So it seems like something to post about too: it’s how you get there that makes the difference, be that in your character and how he or she changes or in how your muscle changes! So how does your character end up? Happy? Fulfilled? How much has he changed because the journey must, by definition, change him? So now go back to the start and examine the contrasts… is that change defined enough? There has to be contrast!

So to return to what Mal said in the gym last week: it’s not just about movements straight from A to B, it’s how you get there. The more experienced you are, the more you develop that. So does your story, does the way a character evolves have enough of those nifty moves or surprise moves and how does Point A contrast to Point B, and if not enough… vary the moves!

That is all folks!


Happy Wednesday! I will be lifting weights later and moving my character between two points!

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What question are you asking?

Why do we tell stories?

It might sound fundamental, it might sound a silly question but it’s important and something I often ask my clients.

Stories need a reason to be born and a reason to exist. There has to be a take-home message and this needs to live between the beats. So when people say they don’t really know what a character wants then the story has already failed.

Characters must want something. They might be in danger and want a solution to get them out of a fix, as in right now, but deep down this will be part of a greater want. This want will be what motivates the story. At some point want turns to ‘need’ and it does so for the greater redemption of the character. They need to do something. Often need is more noble, as I have talked about before. So, for example, a character, in the beginning, wants to fall in love. They want the wedding, the house, the riches. That is their want, their desire that drives the action but falling in love for the wrong reasons and with the wrong person will spin the story in a direction the character might not really want. And so by falling in love with the wrong person, they learn what it is they really need. That might be to not be in love until they know themselves, love themselves; it might be they need kindness from a lover and not the material things they first sought. Maybe the love they need was there all along in the form of the best friend…? This change might be obvious in a story or it might be subtle, but it will drive action and it will be part of that all-important character change that is story and is the reason for telling the story, right?

So what do you think?

How does this happen in your own work?

What is the burning question of your novel and how does this need tie into solving that?


If you don’t know the answers to these questions… you need to get thinking, fast!

Have a good day folks!


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