Schools out!

You know that feeling that comes right before a holiday. That.

I have had such a busy  few weeks with deadlines and workloads (nothing new really) but this week has been particularly full on. This will be the last blog post for just over a week. The plan is to finish some work and have it sent off later, most likely this evening and then that’s it. Tomorrow is the first day of a much-needed break. I will be at the gym and then nails and then… we go to get the new car from being serviced ready to drive to Wales the following day. The man is on the mend, not 100% but on the mend. I have really missed him but should see him briefly today. Then shopping tomorrow after a spin in the new car and he wants to treat me to dinner, the night before the holiday. Yes, that. That is the feeling.

I like to think as people and yes as a writer too that every day should have that feeling about it; that wonderful sense of anticipation and hope. The man said something to me yesterday that flipped my heart over and made me realise how much there is to look forward to and plan for. So far, since I lost Lee, I found that in my work; in my submissions, in my dream building. And that has never left. I am writing and dreaming and planning for the life I want. But now, now that something that was missing is back in place. No longer am I planning a trip with just me, but as two. It’s a wonderfully liberating feeling for me.

I am going to my house in Wales. I have planned a day clearing things, loft and outbuildings are all that’s left and these don’t have too many things (I hope) … so we can enjoy some quality time together. On the list is a picnic in the mountains. He saw little of the beautiful North Wales last time as we only had 2 days and it snowed… in March.

So all I will say is have a great weekend and week everyone and I will see you on Monday, August 8th!

That is all 🙂

Ps Will also be catching up on my reading for fun! Yay!

school's out

See you after the hols!

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