Back and working

Well I have to say I had a wonderful week away back in my lovely little house in Wales. I had hoped it was would be the final farewell to it (well in a sad ‘chapter ending’ kind of way) but the sale fell through two days before we went, that afternoon after I last blogged. Urgh. There are a few damp issues but nothing unexpected for an old house. So either I now sell for less or get it fixed which I am looking into. It seems as if this house wants to hold onto me a little longer and it makes me think the buyers didn’t love it quite enough… and it does need someone who will properly love it ❤

So I hope it is nothing more than a minor set-back! I am so keen to get on my with my new life here with Mal and so the dream moves slightly away just as we were about to complete as well. Well they say life is trying and it makes us stronger 🙂

What I was able to do was clear the rest of the things and have a lovely relaxing time as well as catch up with friends and go to the gym of course (3 times!). Also did a tad of reading and a little writing as I revisited Colourblind of all things, well it did start life in that house!

So I will leave you with a few pics as I catch up with emails (not writing today) but I will be writing tomorrow and moving full steam ahead!!!


Here’s my house again… I will either sell for this price or slightly less as is or if I fix the damp it will go back to £105K.


Some pics for you! Nothing writerly I know, but it is a beautiful place to write!

Snowdonia Walk from my house

Lake Padarn

Lake Padarn

Lake walk 1

Quarry Infirmary

Lake walk 4

Lake walk 5


Lake walk 6

Back to Nature

Lake walk 8

Lake walk 9

A place to write … below?

Lake walk 10

Lake walk 11

Lake walk 12

Neighbour and lovely friend Ceinwen! Oh and me!

Lake walk 13

Who is this mad person?

Lake walk 14

The road not taken? Or maybe it was.

Oh,  and by the way, in writerly news… I came home to the news that I had made the long list of the inaugural Sunderland Short Story Competition with my story Can you smell chips, Mam? (A welsh story no less!)

Well done and good luck to all!


Have a lovely day!


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