When Writers Meet

Just a short post this morning after a weekend of fun… and frustration.

Saturday saw the annual Christmas get together for Bridge House and CafeLit where we launched both collections at Waxy O’Connors pub off Leicester Square in London. This was a different venue for us as our usual was booked and what a quirky place with all kind of cubby holes and nooks, a bit Harry Potterish! I stood at the door and lead people around to our cordoned off section as I was sure people would be walking around in circles, as I was when I first arrived, looking for Gill!

The place had a great atmosphere although we discovered that the acoustics were a challenge for reading, and a thoroughfare to the kitchen meant a little busy. However it was wonderful seeing so many writers, some I knew, some I was meeting for the first time! I just think it’s important to bring writers together to celebrate their successes. I did try to get some good photos but with my phone they were a little dim but some shared here anyway.

photo 1 (1) photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 (1) photo 3 photo 4 (1) photo 4


The only dampener on the day (apart from acoustics) was the theft of my handbag which stupidly I left on the table with my books and notes when we talked… since the area was reserved for us I thought it was safe but not so… so I had to cancel all by cards (that someone tried to use) and lost house keys, sentimental things like pens that had been gifts and keyrings, my business cards (thankfully bearing no home address) and reading glasses which was the stinger as has cost me a fair bit to order new ones. However, and this is important, there are far worse things going on in the world right now so a little carelessness was a lesson to me and this time next week will be remembered just as that. Yesterday I was treated to a new handbag, replaced my favourite lippy, ordered new glasses, ready readers in the meantime… and well, all will be well. In time the keyring and pens will be replaced and I needed new business cards anyway!


But just a word of warning to be careful…

That is all!

Was great to see so many people there!


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3 responses to “When Writers Meet

  1. Allison Symes

    Dear Debz

    It was great to meet up with you and Gill again. Thoroughly enjoyed the event though couldn’t believe what a rabbit warren the pub was!

    So sorry about the bag. Have been burgled in the past and it’s always rotten to discover it’s happened to you. Only glad you were able to stop cards etc quickly.

    On the plus side, I was thrilled to bits to be asked to sign a book I was in for the first time so I will always remember Saturday for that! (Oh and I’m working on some 100 words stories which I hope will wing their way to you before too long).

    Regards to all at Cafe Lit and Bridge House.

    Allison Symes

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  3. It does look like a great venue! Glad you had fun despite the theft.

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