Look Ahead

All I want to say this morning is make plans, tell loved ones how much they mean to you and look forward.

I made some plans for next year yesterday while decorating the small tree that sits in my office. As I let Christmas in with all the sparkle it brings to this time of year, I thought about all the things I want to do between now and Christmas and in 2016.  I know there are some terrible things happening in the world right now, so draw those you love as close as you can, show them how you feel and plan.

Plans give you that buzz that makes life worth living… not that I didn’t have it before yesterday but once in a while take the time to sit down and think about what you really want, re-evaluate and look ahead…

I got to thinking about how my life has changed over this  past twelve, fourteen months, and how I have embraced and will continue to embrace those positive changes. I hope to sell my house in Wales next year and hopefully find somewhere here. People come into our lives for all kinds of reasons and even when we fear it, they change us. But we have no life if we can not embrace that change.

So amongst the sadness in the world remember that we can not grow unless we change. I am the kind of person who likes to think I have it all figured out, in my little protective bubble that no one can come into unless they bounce in like Tigger, full of happiness… but not everyone is like me… most are not… but I think happiness is something we must hold onto in whatever form and maybe change those around us too. It’s infectious, so hang out with positive people or… be the positive person who changes others… we all have a role…

That is all, have a magical weekend whatever you do… I am at the Bridge House/CafeLit launch event in London tomorrow being a publisher 🙂 And then the annual Bridge House Christmas dinner with business partner, Gill where we will no doubt look ahead to what we want to achieve with the publishing.

Always look ahead… never underestimate what is possible…

The Future

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