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Plots, Sequels and Radio Interviews!

Well, what a lot has been achieved this week… lots of plotting and planning. Four hours each morning with a notebook and I think I am about ready to start my sequel to one of my novels on Monday. Yay!

I have blogged about many things on here, mostly writerly, but not on plotting and ‘idea brainstorming’. I don’t think you can force ideas to come, you have to let them show up. Sometimes they march in without knocking and plonk themselves down in front of you. Here I am! Other times they whisper as you sleep or drift in and out like a tide that you can’t hold onto, you have it, you don’t. It’s a tease until you grab it and hold onto it like a wriggling cat until it settles on your lap.

This week has been enlightening. And it’s been exciting. You just never know who or what is going to show up. The good news is that for all its convolutions and complexities that have to be part of this novel to make it a good sequel, the ideas have come mostly pretty well formed and the new characters even told me their names! I am getting to know them now! While I never planned it this way, I have ideas for the two books that will make this a trilogy — and scope for more later. I had not planned to ‘plan’ the third book but since there is this thing called ‘foregrounding’– the legwork for the next one, i.e. the planting of the seeds — then it makes perfect sense. I now know how it all ends and what has to happen in the third one. I even have ideas for the names of the books. I am excited ❤

So how much do you plan?

Well, not too much. That said, if you were to see my notebook you would say I have it pretty much worked out, and I guess I kind of do. However, the true magic of writing happens when you allow your subconscious to guide you. Plots change. They change because as you write, things need to happen: pacing things! When you read a great novel and a chapter ends with one of those moments: another body is found, someone isn’t who you think they are — you know, ‘the unexpected reveal’, well, I like to think it’s by magic. A lot of these, I think, are not planned. They just happen. I have had a character  walk in and make a statement and I’ve spent the next hours, maybe days, working out why and what it means. Truly. Something in me knew it had to happen, and every time it really was vital to the story, I just didn’t know it when I planned the book! See, magic! Writing is magic. You need to plot and plan, absolutely — but then you need to allow the magic in.

I can’t wait to get writing now.

And in other news…

Cover reveal!

My short story collection is out in July and I will be in conversation with Tony Fisher on BBC Radio Essex this very afternoon from 2 pm talking writing and short stories! Do tune in: here’s the link!


And, here it is… my cover. Me and my nan! Her photo was taken in the 1930s and relates to the last story in the book, the newest short story of mine 🙂

Because Sometimes Medium

Out July 2019

Launch Event, St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, July 19th 7 pm, all welcome!

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Feeling Buzzed

A short post this morning, I do not Blog every day for fear of repeating myself but the good news this morning as I am about ready to submit my Japanese POW story! This is the most personal story I have ever written and I was thrilled with the way the folks reacted to it. They absolutely loved it and it made them cry. Oops! I generally advise against sharing with family, especially when starting out, as a more neutral and more ‘writerly’ opinion is usually best. However, since this one is so personal I felt I had to. They were also able to comment where something was inaccurate! And hunt for the elusive typos!

I love that feeling when something you have been working on is finally coming together. I get a buzz in my fingertips and a sense that I am absolutely on the right path with my life!

With a lot of work on my whiteboards and a busy day with walks and gym, I don’t always set aside as much time to write as I would like. So I have been trying to do some in the morning as usual but the new goal is to work Monday to Thursday with Friday as my writing day. I also work Sunday so I think that makes perfect sense to me. It is not always possible but I am going to work longer hours the other days if I need to. I also had a weekend in Brighton last weekend at the beautiful Air BnB we love in Withdean Park. So while the man was on a yoga course during the day, I got to do what I have not had the chance to do for a while… and that is just to write! I got the first full draft of the story finished that way and after a week of tweaking and refining, I think it is there. After the gym, one more read and I will send it out into the world.

The new mission now is to work on the short story collection that comes out in July! Then back to the Chutney novel and my mission to find a new agent. This is the year!

How about you?

follow your passionWhat are your writing dreams?

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New week, yay!

Hope everyone had a great start to the new year. I managed to have the first piece of fiction accepted and completed another in time that has now been submitted. I am about to research for the third. So, so far so good.

I  have a client report to finish this afternoon and then I have one more edit scheduled, before the wedding… the next couple of weeks are going to be super busy! And then I have a week off after the big day!

So I will keep today’s post short and sweet and say happy writing and stay focussed! I am off for what I hope is the final wedding dress fitting this morning!





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Kick Starting your Writing Muscle

So far so good… four days into the new year. I penned a flash story on Tuesday and that has been accepted by CafeLit for publication on January 13th (yay!)  and am now very much into the next one for a competition that closes Monday.

A book has also arrived now which is research for the next short one for the BIG competition before I go back to the novel. I am stepping up my short story writing in 2019, hoping to write at least six new ones in prep for the release of my short story collection in July. Nothing like a new year to create a new focus. Right?

I love that feeling of wanting to jump out of bed at 5.30 because you can’t wait to write. I missed it and now feel as if I am back and connecting to the one thing that drives me above all else.

So what about you?

How has your first week of the year been so far?

Please also message me if you’re interested in signing up for a short story mentoring programme that will run for six weeks, for six people… online coaching and interaction one to one and with one another… just £100 each…? It will start in March. I want anyone who really wants to step up their short story writing and I will help with opportunities for work. I am collecting names now so please email me writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk

Have a great weekend everyone!

Debz 🙂


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Stories make up their own mind!

Starting next week I will share some of the things I learned on my screenwriting course about the differences between writing prose fiction and writing for a more visual audience. But today I thought I would share about the wonderful magic of creation. Yesterday I planned a new short story for a competition and then thought I would write the opening scene to get me in. It turned out the story has other plans and decided it needed far fewer words (very unusual I have to say) and so formed itself into something flash! So I guess it wanted to be that. So off it will go to CafeLit then!

And off I go with my notebook deciding what to write instead for the competition!

That’s what I love about writing, it takes you to unexpected places… so have fun wherever you go today!

That is all. Happy Wednesday!


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When Angels Look Over You

White feather

I often have to work on Sundays, so it made a refreshing change to have  the whole weekend off.

I did have a mad and very busy ending to the week with all the work on the Born Free Poetry book, so it makes sense. And while I relaxed, some new ideas for short stories started swirling again. But I need to finish this current draft of the novel before I can indulge in some short story writing. .

Tomorrow it’s nine years since I lost Lee, in fact the 20th October is the day we brought him home, he just lived into the early hours of the 21st. How the years have come and gone, yet the events of those weeks, that day, our heartbreaking goodbye remain as vivid as when it all happened.

People say you don’t get over these things, you just get through them, but in a funny way you do get over them; you get over the shock and the all-consuming grief that took over your life for two/three years. If you didn’t you would never move forward or get on with your life. But you never get over the fact it had to happen, and it left a hole in your life that you can never fill.

Writing gives me happiness. It gives me power to endue. It makes my life worth the fight. It gives me strength.

Writing helps to make sense of the madness that is this world we live in.

On the 8th anniversary, October 21st,  last year, I first got to hold a copy of While No One Was Watching for the very first time and to see the dedication to Lee. 8 is my lucky number. Three years before that on an anniversary I found out my first ever short story had been accepted. There is odd synergy at work there. Some might say it’s simply a matter of perception and interpretation; others as meaning something. I like to go with the latter view, because true or not it makes me feel better; stronger; that all of this means something important.

We need to know we’re on the right path and so many messages have said that to me.

So let’s wait for the next piece of wonderful news to come. Because it will if you believe. And work hard!

Everything means something.

Make sure you remember that.

We are all important, and we are always a breath away from a miracle.

Did you hear your angel today?

(This book I selected and edited the stories for and actually have a story in it myself called Fallen. I often forget about this book and about the story, yet I actually felt a real connection to all the stories in here. It’s special. Give it a try …)

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Finding time

One of the things people often say is they never find the time to do their writing.

And yes we all live busy lives; but the resounding truth is this; if you are supposed to write you will. You can’t not.

I know a friend of mine, who writes mainly articles and other non-fiction and complains about finding the time to fit in creative stuff,  made a point to me when I first became freelance that I would now have to earn a living (like I wasn’t before? But I know what  was meant) and would find less time for my own writing. Er.. no I don’t think so. Because quite frankly if I had a lot of work then I would start getting up at 5 am again and writing into the evenings. In fact that rarely happens because I do make the time. And I always will.

I guess what I’m saying is if you want anything bad enough you’ll find the time. And in fact when I used to get up at the crack of dawn I enjoyed that as a writing time. Okay so less so on cold winter mornings as we’re having now but once you hit the shower and get some coffee on it all feels right.

So if you want to finally get that novel written or have those short stories published in 2012 now is the time to think about New Year’s Resolutions.

I will putting special critiquing and mentoring rates on my website this weekend, to existing clients and new ones. You can pay on completion of the work  so after Christmas, in January/February but book my time now while it’s on offer and I’ll honour the prices. Message me any enquiries now and get something ready for January when you kickstart your new success.  Or email me: writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk

Check out my website and I’ll send the links next week as well when the offers are on… go on!


You can always find the time if you want it enough.

How much do you believe?

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