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Feeling Buzzed

A short post this morning, I do not Blog every day for fear of repeating myself but the good news this morning as I am about ready to submit my Japanese POW story! This is the most personal story I have ever written and I was thrilled with the way the folks reacted to it. They absolutely loved it and it made them cry. Oops! I generally advise against sharing with family, especially when starting out, as a more neutral and more ‘writerly’ opinion is usually best. However, since this one is so personal I felt I had to. They were also able to comment where something was inaccurate! And hunt for the elusive typos!

I love that feeling when something you have been working on is finally coming together. I get a buzz in my fingertips and a sense that I am absolutely on the right path with my life!

With a lot of work on my whiteboards and a busy day with walks and gym, I don’t always set aside as much time to write as I would like. So I have been trying to do some in the morning as usual but the new goal is to work Monday to Thursday with Friday as my writing day. I also work Sunday so I think that makes perfect sense to me. It is not always possible but I am going to work longer hours the other days if I need to. I also had a weekend in Brighton last weekend at the beautiful Air BnB we love in Withdean Park. So while the man was on a yoga course during the day, I got to do what I have not had the chance to do for a while… and that is just to write! I got the first full draft of the story finished that way and after a week of tweaking and refining, I think it is there. After the gym, one more read and I will send it out into the world.

The new mission now is to work on the short story collection that comes out in July! Then back to the Chutney novel and my mission to find a new agent. This is the year!

How about you?

follow your passionWhat are your writing dreams?

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I started this blog some time ago now, and I kept it every weekday. It became a place where I write whatever came into my head; about writing primarily and sometimes personal stuff, but mostly about writing.  My first passion.

But, like all things, there are times when you get busy with other stuff (writing related in my case usually) and so I decided to have a little break from it.

I am now up and blogging and thinking ahead, to this strange but beautiful writer’s road. This is going to be a truly amazing year, in every way. On a personal level with wedding preparations for next January; and on a writing level as edit the newly named Chutney novel!

I have a new look website, some of you may have seen: look here and I am focussing more on mentoring too, so look at that page as well!


There are all kinds of exciting things in my head and so I will be back and sharing.

Message me if you want me to feature something in particular on here about writing and books or indeed if you want to tell me about your new book or your own writing journey.

I believe it all starts with passion: with doing what you love every single day.

I have it; my other half has it.

Do you?

I will leave you with a YouTube clip of an interview my other half gave last week about his passion. It might be about his work and not writing, but it shows the value of experience and passion.It cuts off at the end, maybe deliberately… have a look.

Right now, after reading since five (currently reading The Humans by Matt Haig and loving it)… Mal is next door doing yoga. We start early in this house.

So be like us: indulge your passion and embrace the new week!

More tomorrow!


Enjoy, comment, share!

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