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I started this blog some time ago now, and I kept it every weekday. It became a place where I write whatever came into my head; about writing primarily and sometimes personal stuff, but mostly about writing.  My first passion.

But, like all things, there are times when you get busy with other stuff (writing related in my case usually) and so I decided to have a little break from it.

I am now up and blogging and thinking ahead, to this strange but beautiful writer’s road. This is going to be a truly amazing year, in every way. On a personal level with wedding preparations for next January; and on a writing level as edit the newly named Chutney novel!

I have a new look website, some of you may have seen: look here and I am focussing more on mentoring too, so look at that page as well!


There are all kinds of exciting things in my head and so I will be back and sharing.

Message me if you want me to feature something in particular on here about writing and books or indeed if you want to tell me about your new book or your own writing journey.

I believe it all starts with passion: with doing what you love every single day.

I have it; my other half has it.

Do you?

I will leave you with a YouTube clip of an interview my other half gave last week about his passion. It might be about his work and not writing, but it shows the value of experience and passion.It cuts off at the end, maybe deliberately… have a look.

Right now, after reading since five (currently reading The Humans by Matt Haig and loving it)… Mal is next door doing yoga. We start early in this house.

So be like us: indulge your passion and embrace the new week!

More tomorrow!


Enjoy, comment, share!

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The Winner Mentality

Since I started going to a gym my life has completely changed, and no doubt for the better.

When I met Malcolm Brown  it changed even more.  As a bodybuilding champion when he was young, and I mean a British Bodybuilding Champion with over twenty wins to get there, this is a whole new world to me and one I am only beginning to understand. He now works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, but he still helps people (in fact he has trained champions) but he doesn’t compete now.

So when Malcolm was asked to hold a seminar at one of the big gyms he works for in London (Intensity) he was a little apprehensive, having not talked at something like that for many years. I told him how I had spoken a few times now about my writer’s journey and if you’re talking about what you know, it always works, just have a plan to guide you and see where it takes you.

When I give talks, as I will be doing again towards the end of the year to the U3A on Canvey, one of the things I have found is that when you talk about the hard work it takes to achieve the dream, people will always be inspired. We need someone to relate to and whatever your dream, someone who says I NEVER gave up, no matter what, is an inspiration in any field. It’s truly humbling to feel that something you’ve achieved is inspiring to someone else, right? All the more so if those people want to be where you are. And that message rang loud and clear yesterday in London. Malcolm had done what so many people there wanted to do.

We heard Malcolm speak about his own journey to become a winner (I think you become a winner long before you hold the prize, right?) and what an inspiration it was. It doesn’t matter if you appreciate bodybuilding as a sport or not (it’s a lot more scientific than I ever realised!) what stands out is the hard work involved. You have to admire the tenacity and the drive, and what I was so impressed about was what an inspiration he was to all those younger people who stood and listened and watched. Also it’s the real people stuff. There stood a man, who said it as it was. Who said that his sport saved him from trouble because where he grew up in Tilbury wasn’t easy and he is sure if he hadn’t found his sport and known what he wanted from a young age he would have ended up in trouble, prison even. He is a regular guy who lived the dream and proof that anyone can do it. His dream started in a garage with a few weights. He describes himself as a loner on a mission. When home life isn’t all it might be, his escape was his home-made gym. It’s a story of hardship and fight, and his inspiration was an Arnie poster. There is something humbling about that image, right? I see it now, in a film. Maybe there’s a memoir waiting to be told.

In the second part, Malcolm walked us around the gym and demonstrated some of the exercises and there is no doubt that people left with a wealth of new knowledge. In fact as Ben, another very successful champion, said at the end, he is certain what Malcolm did and said has changed the way people will now train.

I was so honoured to be there and see that other side of him. Truly inspirational. So writers, take heed:

  • The winner’s mentality needs to be in place long before you sign that first publishing deal.
  • You have to want to win no matter what and be prepared to focus only on that dream with a focussed and determined mindset.
  • And above all: never give up.

But take heed, and Malcolm has this in spades, be humble. Be prepared to stand up and talk about your journey and where you came from in a way that will inspire and hence drive others with the same dream.  Do it with dignity and heart and share your wisdom. Winners never stop being winners and I was so proud of my man yesterday. We hope to do a similar seminar at one of the other gyms he works at. And anyone who lives close by should come. It’s inspiring.

That is all. Have a wonderful Monday. Choose to be WINNER.




Malcolm Brown EFBB Champion 1987, Intensity Gym, London, May 22 2016



Inspiring young people



Not like that, like this…


In awe of the champion…


Check out Malcolm’s Facebook Page if you want to know more or book him for some PT or even a seminar! LINK




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All that Pinching and Punching

No — it’s not another post about the gym  although things do go pinch before we go to the gym and we do punch in class, but I was thinking more about it being the first of a new month.

This time last year I had only just moved back to Essex and was giving a talk at the Rochester Literary Festival; some of you might have seen the post. Hard to believe that was a whole year ago.

Well, today marks a new month and a two-week countdown to my LA trip and the conference which I am so looking forward to. It will be so nice to just hang out with my very special friends over there and soak up all that is California . I plan to do some writing and a small amount of work on a project I’m collaborating on, but not a whole lot. I also plan to go to the gym a lot and read a lot and generally do a lot of what I already do but under a palm tree! I also plan to blog a little bit but not every day.

So it’s with particular excitement I say well hello October! Nice to finally see you 🙂

New pages, new chapters, new months. We like it.

I have been editing Chutney for the past few weeks and plan to send the first few chapters off to Becky my lovely agent before I cross the pond and hope we she likes what she reads. Yikes. We’ll see.

Busy weekend lined up this weekend so not a lot of work and I am taking Sunday off for a  change!

See you tomorrow folks for more of my morning’s musings!

Oh and if anyone is in the Canvey area and looking for personal training at the Fitness 4 Life Gym (best gym ever) I have been helping Malcolm set up his Facebook page here so do have a look and give it a like. I help set up the page, he trains me and boy do I ache this morning! No pain, no gain they say, right! Thanks!


Happy Thursday!

time to write

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