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Tunnel Vision

It was such a great week last week after the ‘new agent news’ and finally feeling as if I knew what I had to do next. So I found myself up and working at 5 am every day, after a break from that for a while, and fully in that zone: that fully immersive state we all relish if we can get in there! It does mean everything else falls away around you as you write, and some mornings I was aware of the hubby speaking until he probably realised I was not ‘in the room’ and off he’d go and next thing a coffee would plonk down beside my computer mouse. I have him well trained!

So edits under guidance completed along with new synopsis and off to my agent. I am now doing something I have never done before. Working out the plot intricacies of a sequel! I had always intended a sequel to this novel (not saying which one yet) but had not quite worked out what would happen. I spent three hours at 5 am scribbling and thinking. I am not there yet but something is slowly emerging! I often find I need to look the other way for a while to see it clearly as if plots like to take shape just out of shot. My mission for this week is to get something together and find my EUREKA plot moment when I realise what it has to say. And to be ready to start writing it!

Writing is a process of many stages.

  • Planning: advice? Never force it; let it come when it wants to, just nudge it along as I do not recommend waiting for your muse either.
  • Writing new material: is the really exciting part and my fingers get a buzz when I am in that zone. I think that is probably the most exciting phase. This is when the true magic happens and often things you could not have planned!
  • Editing: I relish because it helps your work to take shape and become something so much better than that first draft. And if you are lucky enough more magic creeps beautifully in 🙂


Many many rounds of edits later it might or might not be ready but it has to reach a point when you MUST let it go and if you have been working on the same thing for too long — rest it and write something else. We can get too close to it. My advice for anyone wanting a career as a writer and intending to find an agent and a book deal needs to let one novel go and work on a new one, especially when new to it. Get a critique, get solid editorial feedback and learn how to improve — but when you have reached that point know when to rest it and work on something new, taking those newly acquired skills with you. Agents want you for a career, not a single book. My fourth novel was the one that was finally deemed good enough to find a publisher.  But nothing is ever wasted because you have something to later work on.

So that is me, just wanted to pop by to report in mid-editing a manuscript for a client!

That is all. Happy Writing! Happy Week!

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I am a writer

What are you and what defines you –  one thing or many things?

I met of group of people yesterday, some people from an art class, some of our writing group, someone from a choir and a scientist. So we were introduced as artist, writer, singer, scientist. Of course there was overlap and we often tick many boxes. I am no artist even being the daughter of a professional artist, and anyone who has heard me sing will testify that I am no singer. Even the dog dashes out of the room. But I was a scientist. And I am a writer. In fact I have always been a writer.

What’s interesting is how many of us say, well I’m not really a writer. What they mean is it’s not how they make their living. But who said what pays the bills is what we are? In fact most people choose jobs for the money. Yeah I agree that’s me making a sweeping statement and we’d all love to do jobs that are also our passion. Spending so much time in the day job does mean it is what we say we are. Hi I’m a dentist, I’m a cashier, I’m a secretary. And work is a big part of our lives. But we are many things. I am a mother they might say.

And if we write, if we paint, if we sing we are those things as well.

I remember a defined moment in time when I stopped saying I was a scientist, I was a writer. I mean if you write, you are a writer, right?

I spent so many hours every day writing and was studying it, living and breathing it but yeah I was a scientist by trade, but I WAS A WRITER.

I met a few new people around this time and I always said I was a fiction writer. And tagged on the end if the  conversation didn’t then spin into the inevitable wow really what do you write that I was a scientist to pay the bills but first and foremost I was a writer. No wonder they hated me at work. But hey, at least I had the balls to admit it. And I think from the moment I saw myself that way the world started changing. And I then also I became a publisher and an editor. I still had the day job but that wasn’t who I really was. I was a writer.

It was maybe a year, two years after that the universe shifted enough that I could say I was a full-time writer and that was a glorious moment. I like to think The Secret was working, which has ultimately to come from yourself. I ENABLED myself to become what I truly am.

Measure success not in how many books you have published but in how many words you write.

If you write, YOU ARE A WRITER.

Now I can say I am a PUBLISHED WRITER.

The bestsellers, will come.

I like the way the words feel in my mouth. I am a best-selling novelist. Say it again I AM A BEST-SELLING NOVELIST.

I feel the universe shifting again… hear it?

What are you?



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