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The Gliterary Tree

Yes I know it’s November…

Last week, short notice I know, we were asked at the writing group if Canvey Writers would like to bring and decorate a Christmas Tree as part of the St Nicholas Christmas Tree Festival as we have our meetings in one of the rooms at the church. So I asked fellow scribes, having had the idea that we could call it the literary tree but in my festive wisdom later felt gliterary was more apt! So we made words, punctuation marks, baubles dedicated to deceased famous writers, book covers for favourite books and ones we have had published, quotations we like, bookmarks and put ribbons and bows on books to place like gifts around the tree. We also left fliers for writers who might be inspired and a book for people to tell us their favourite book! I am  chuffed as for such short notice and given that apart from some lovely donated red baubles, and some bought red tinsel and beads, the rest is all hand-made!

I rather like this idea and themes can be developed on this for other years if we do it again… trees with only literary villains or heroes, just female or half female, half male, Harry Potter tree or fantasy tree (Tolkien) or chick lit tree, or classics Jane Austin style tree… in fact the list is endless. But for a first attempt I think we did okay!

We did have a lovely snow-covered 3-foot tree lent to us but, in the end, we had too many things so then we had a 4-foot tree instead, small but love it!

The trees are all on display this weekend, and tonight is a special cheese and wine event to celebrate and the lighting on the memory tree so I will add tags for Lee and Mal’s dad and John, people we miss ❤

So (shame there is a ladder on the wall behind but never mind) I present to you The Gliterary Tree in all its finery… spot my book there of course!










Have a great weekend everyone!

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