Only Good News! Share your Writing Successes …

Only Good News!

Only Good News!

I want to hear from you if you’ve had a success — in a ‘writerly’ sense, however big or small! Whether you won your local writing group competition, had your first story accepted for publication or won the Man Booker. Share it here! But we only want GOOD NEWS!

Use the comment here to post your messages of success and people, scroll down and look at what people have said! There is too much negativity in the world — so SHARE THE GOOD NEWS HERE!

What made you dance today?



7 responses to “Only Good News! Share your Writing Successes …

  1. I will kick off — I won the Bath Short Story Award 2013! My debut novel is out this October! I was short listed in the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013 with only one other UK writer … now your turn!

  2. Now how on earth do we follow that, Debz? LOL

  3. I just signed a contract to publish my fourth novel with Chances Press, woo-hoo! And just as I approach the birth of my second child…

  4. My win is a personal success.

    I write “outside the box”. I have been writing for 40 years, put one heck of a lot of research into my work, much of it hands-on (semi-tailers, motorbikes, ultralight aircraft, guns and martial arts), the rest through reading what the professionals say personally (combat training, special forces, criminal investigative techniques, surgical procedures), etc. I LOVE good research.

    I write science fiction and I am perceived as “outside the box” because I paint a big detailed picture and can’t help but put humanity into it. Yes, I have spaceships and colonized worlds, and technology has its place there (and is covered), but mostly I write about people. I’m told this is mixing genres and for some reason I’m not supposed to have the human touch in there – adventure, love, hate, sex and any kind of psychic perception in sci-fi (why not? People have experienced all those things down through the ages, I’m sure they will in the future, too).

    My success came after I got fed up with hearing wonderful praise for the quality of my work always hooked into the “however this does not meet our current requirements”.

    So I researched – yes, again – and found out how things have changed over the last few decades and why the pressure is on for those in the publishing world. Mostly I learned why agents and publishers don’t want to take chances “outside the box” with writers like myself, and also – sadly – how many agents (purely because they are so inundated) will make a snap decision based on the first sentence of a cover letter and never get to the manuscript itself.

    Having invested much of my life into my efforts and dreams of being a writer, I refused to be put off. That was when I found the courage to take charge and publish and promote my work myself in paperback and Kindle.

    I have two books out now and I am rewarded by having a small (as yet) and devoted following, very good star ratings on Amazon (only a few reviews but mostly five stars). I have even been likened to one of the classic greats, Frank Herbert – which was a surprise and certainly not intended by me.

    I had spent years with the first book, trying to make it please whoever sat at the other side of that desk – now I am free to move on, and have.

    Not sure if this is the sort of success you wanted to list, Debz, but it sure was a success to me. That was followed by finding my perfect cover designer… Bliss!

    My message in all of this to writers is: Never give up. Believe in yourself, even if the world doesn’t seem to. With today’s technology and places like Amazon and their CreateSpace, writers can take their work direct to the public themselves and go around the obstacles that seem to block their way.

    Cheers all!

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