It’s that moment…

It’s that moment when the word holds its breath.

It’s that moment when you feel your own silence yet all around bustles with noise.

It’s that moment of quiet introspection.

It’s that moment.


Inspiration finds you if you stand still long enough to listen.

Stories are everywhere; in us and all around us. I often find myself watching some story on the news or listening to the chitter chatter at bus stops or outside cafes and they are there. Those stories. And it might be the stillest and quietest of benign moments when the biggest stories come.

But writers, be aware.


The story that has captured me in the last few hours is that of Adam and his missing border collie, Jasper, if you haven’t read the posts, follow this link to Facebook: #findjasper. I keep checking in. Jasper went missing on Sunday from Sca Fell Pike around 2pm and a post on Facebook from his frantic owner has led to a social media frenzy. I have become one of the obsessed wanting to read one small post that says they have found one another and all is well. That’s all it will take, one small post, perhaps then a photograph and this story finds its happy resolution. But for now those who have seen this, hold their breaths, check in with hope and read with disappointment: still not found. It’s Eleanor Boone in the moment, only this time lots of people are watching.

It’s in that moment when life happens and anything is possible.


Have a good Tuesday.

I hope Jasper comes home today.

Jasper lost Sca Fell Pike Sunday 2pm. Still missing (photo borrowed from Facebook page)

Border collie Jasper lost Sca Fell Pike Sunday 2pm. Still missing (photo borrowed from Facebook page) Please help find him



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