Be The Best You

As the year draws to a close, I reflect on the lovely people I met in 2021. Mentoring on Zoom has been a lovely way to connect as well as working on honing the craft of writing. I have seen novels written that were a mere 3000 words when we started last January. I have seen short stories conceived, crafted, submitted, accepted and published that were formed inside the bubble. I have seen novels completed, proofed and self-published. We are indeed proactive 🙂

This is why I intend to continue with the programme and each time I run it, I tweak it and adapt it to suit the needs of those taking part.

The group sessions are at a time to suit everyone which we work out when we have our meet n greet session; the next meet n greet will be Wednesday, January 5th. The weekly group sessions cover all key aspects of creative writing — from voice and style to what happens inside publishing houses and how to submit your best work. These take the form of a Powerpoint presentation with time for interaction and questions. But these are more of an extra bonus as the real up close and personal work happens in the weekly hour-long one-to-one sessions. So no matter your level, this is where the changes happen. I will offer guidance and suggestions and show you both your strengths and your weaknesses on work sent that week on pre-agreed days ahead of the sessions. I am flexible so can adapt to meet your timelines. I know you all have busy lives! Any day except Saturday I work (a girl needs one day off!).

Usually, I look at chapters from novels or memoirs or short stories… whatever you have (prose though, not poems!). So if you have a partially-completed or finished draft of a novel or even a short story collection and don’t know what to do next… consider taking part! Even if you’re experienced but need more brainstorming on plot than the nitty-gritty dotting of the I’s… that is fine. We had a few writers looking for that and for having to produce work to get them writing! Accountability is a strong motivator.

There are still spaces for the next one which is £229 for the six weeks but remember the critique and Zoom on one piece is usually £75 and you get six as well as everything else. But don’t take my word for it, look at what people said about the bubbles last year! A few people have come back and done it two, three times, not so much the group sessions as these don’t change much between courses, but certainly for the one-to-ones! I have had at least three people I have mentored through all or most of 2021! You’d think they’d be fed up with me by now ;)!!!


Book now! Email … if you need to wait until the end of December (it’s an expensive time of the year!) then also email me as I am happy to take a small deposit to hold your space if that will help!

As well as the bubble scheme I also have a very special more than half-price offer for anyone wanting to treat a writer friend (or themselves!) to a short story critique. My gift vouchers are for £25 and £35… £25 for flash fiction critique and follow-up on pieces up to 1200 words, £35 for 1200 to 5000 words (or thereabouts!) Happy to have a Zoom session after the edit if the writer wants it for no additional cost.

I can email these to you to print or forward! Offer only until Christmas Eve so act now!

Thanks to everyone who has followed the blog and/or taken part and I look forward to making more friends in 2022!

What are you waiting for?

Happy Christmas everyone! Stay safe.

Cheesy picture alert… well, it is Christmas!

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