Finding Your Joy

I will be blogging regularly… but as it seems such a busy time I am not doing it every day just yet but I will be! 🙂

A lot has been happening behind the scenes… all against the backdrop of the wedding planning! So to kick off with wedding news… I did say yes to the dress yesterday! Watch me do the dance! 🙂  I had always intended to leave it until now, just three months before the wedding day as  I wanted to ‘shed and shred’ i.e. get rid of the last fat from the stomach which I have! I still want to lose a tiny bit more so still working at it until the first fitting in about five weeks’ time. So my plan came together! Of course I always knew it would… because it always does! I just knew when I tried that sixth dress on (three in one shop and then three in the second shop) it was the one 🙂 Oh yes. As I had imagined it. Someone told me that I would never get the dress I had in my mind because you change your mind when you try them on. No, not me as when I have a vision I ask the universe for it and it always gives. The Secret at work.

I realise as I sit here and think about the glorious day ahead, and my lovely life, what memories we are weaving.  It’s not just the memories that will come from the BIG day itself. Last weekend we were walking around the national wedding show — Mum and me — at the Excel in London and then yesterday with Mum and my bestie for the first time in my life at forty-nine years old (!) there I was trying on wedding dresses. I realise that these are the memories that will stay with me forever. It brings up a lot of unexpected emotion a wedding! Makes you realise what you must cherish and hold onto. Let’s start with… everything.


On the work front I finished (finally) the edits for the Bridge House Anthology last weekend as well (well finished checking the ones that had been sent back) and they are now with the designer. We have the launch on December 1st. This is the night after a big awards ceremony we’ll be attending because our wonderful gym has made it into the final six of over six hundred gyms (!) nominated for best gym in the National Fitness Awards!!! I said it was a brilliant gym, didn’t I?! So I will be on the very early train from Leicester that morning for the Bridge House event!

I also started some more mentoring with Cornerstones, always lovely to have new clients. I also did some more work on Colourblind the rework!

And I am two weeks into my screenwriting course. Not learned a lot of new information yet but it is early days. I guess I am already pretty clued up about how stories work and arcs etc. What I am most looking forward to is learning the techniques to adapt, first short stories, and eventually my novel into a screenplay! So I will share some of what I learn!

So I will be back and blogging later in the week as we begin a very busy time of exciting things and making memories!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Yes to the dress


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