The Buzz

I have been up writing for a couple of hours. Before I walk Rosie and go to the gym, I thought I’d pop on for a quick post.

This year has been so busy that my writing has taken a bit of a back seat… and I have to say it felt as if something was missing — like a limb!

It is strange for me to return to a novel I conceived so long ago (as a short story) and probably last edited (the novel version) ten years ago! I always knew Colourblind had legs, but my writing was not good enough then.

I always knew I would return to it sooner or later.

I am feeling a real buzz this morning as I totally rewrite it with what I know now.  You know that feeling when you sense this is going to slowly take over my life. Yeah… that! I love it, it’s a feeling that sits right in your gut and connects you to the universe and everything else and now I feel whole again and remember why I do this.

There lies the passion!

I am so pleased to be riding that Amtrak with Alice (who might now get a new name) into Atlanta… the story is being retold. And what I am finding a really useful tool for the rewrite (that needs a lot of chopping) is to think of it as a movie. Where would it start, what would be the opening scene…

Have a great day!



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