Just thinking about things…

In our little house with our little pets, one of the things Mal and I practise on a ‘several times a day’ basis is being thankful. The more we appreciate what we have the more we feel comes to us.


It’s a great philosophy ❤ 

A few things have happened of late (and the reason once again for no blog has simply been being overwhelmed with work!) has made me think about how much my life has changed, not only since moving here but also just in the past year. This time last year we were waiting for the sale of my house in Wales to go through and now I look out through the blinds into the sunshine I realise how happy we truly are here in our life.

I have always embraced change as I think we need that to evolve, but at the same time, I feel the comfort in the stable and the consistent as I think we all do.

What I fear most in life is the change we don’t plan for or welcome.

I came to think about that very recently when I took stock of my life now and how grateful I am. If we have learned anything in this life, it’s that you can’t take everything for granted. Life does throw things at you and you do whatever you can to circumvent some things but there are other things you can’t control… losing people we love for one thing. The biggest fear of all.

I worry about smaller things that would also disrupt this status quo, which we all do, but there are some things bigger than that and that is why I think you have to be grateful for everything.

I love my writing life (was just longlisted with another short story so another publication imminent!), my editing work (even when there is a lot of it!), my gym life that saved me and is my life ❤ and of course my being with Mal.

Never take your life for granted. Always be grateful. For everything.

That is all.


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