Best part of the day…

How often do we say that we don’t have time for something?

Make it.

Okay, hands up I do say this… although make time somehow for other things. This used to be my excuse for not reading enough, walking the dog enough (I still need to work on that one as he does most of that for me) or some time ago for not exercising. How all of that has changed. I do work long hours to allow the time for the gym, for lunches from time to time with the gym girls and time with the man. But I make sure I do these things apart from work to make a life, right? It’s important to get the balance right. At the moment it seems to be all work and gym!

And those long daily lists of what needs to be accomplished might complicate life and sometimes I long for the freedom of being list-free, but it keeps me centred and it means I chart my daily successes with ticks and BIG ticks for the more long-term goals. How satisfying is that?

I have been reading about Mindfulness in one of the many books on this kind of thing the other half likes to bring into the house. It’s about being present, being in the moment which I try to do anyway, but not enough, it would seem. So I will do this more.

Life is exciting or it should be, and so this quiet time of the morning when the man is already at work, I like to sit, read (at the moment I am enjoying Costa winner: Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. Last week I was really enjoying Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time having finished The Humans before that and I so so love his writing!) It’s important I make this time and it’s become my favourite part of the day.

Then I will write and then I will work (two things I also love), although today I will be here all day and not at the gym working on an edit that I want to finish by tomorrow so I have a lot to get through!

But right now I am enjoying the best part of the day. What about you?


Matt Haig


Recommended read!




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