Being Connected to Everything Else

We do not live in a bubble, even if we think it sometimes: we are all connected to everything else. People come into our lives because they are meant to and we know inside if a person or a situation or a job is right. It’s strange how often when I am editing work and working closely with my mentoring clients (I have a full house now), that I realise how some of the connections go beyond a random click of a website, or someone assigned to me because Cornerstones think they will ask a few of us and I happen to be chosen. You see these connections go deeper.

Recently I have had a few clients who are spiritual and who tell they were drawn to my website and then it seems the connections go deeper: we have read many of the same books, we just connect.

I think all of this shows us we are on the right path and anything, I have learned, that does not feel right, I walk away from.

I love my life,  on so many levels. No, no life is perfect but mine is perfect for me and now I am back and writing I could not be happier.

What I will say, as we start another beautiful new week, is look out for those connections. Some might be random meetings in a coffee shop with a stranger who does not stay a stranger for long.

Once you get it, once you feel connected and once you understand how your thinking and you mindset control what happens, life will just feel as if it is creating itself to your whim.

Think it and it will be yours.

That is all.


Monday morning’s musings 🙂

The Secret



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