The Chain Reaction

I have had an interesting time finally getting back to writing. In the last ten years, there have not been many times when I have not written, every weekday at least, but at the end of last year, work meant I was focussed more on that. After my edit by the editor that spurred me on I still decided to rest the novel until the new year. All fired up after a week off ready to get back in, I was ill and then the following week I had to catch up with the work. But I then had to write. Had. To. It was mid-January.

It was probably the longest time not writing for me, six to eight weeks but now I am writing again I am lost in it. And this odd thing happens. Once you write, it’s like you mind opens up to more possibilities and creativity breeds creativity, one glorious chain reaction.

Is it like that for you?

I am finally back to being me and this time, no matter what, I will write 🙂


That is all. Happy Monday! Happy New Month, Happy New Year!


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One response to “The Chain Reaction

  1. susiewilliamsonblog

    ‘Creativity breeds creativity.’ i so relate to your thoughts on a chain reaction. After a break it can feel daunting to start at all, but once you do start thoughts just flow, link and create. At some point this year I will begin a redraft of book 2, ready to submit. The input you gave on it several years ago was invaluable, and now I plan to take a fresh look. One comment you gave, that at the time I didn’t incorporate, has never left me. And that comment has stayed in my mind like a seed waiting to germinate. A creative process slowly taking shape. Good luck with your writing ventures, Debz.

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