A Year to Remember!

I am back but not quite as expected as I have my laptop balanced on my knee and am sat in the living room with a lemsip and a ton of work! After a  rare scheduled ten days off, which was wonderful, I finally succumbed to the lurgy I had managed to thus far avoid! I actually don’t feel too bad but have had to miss the gym and yesterday I wasn’t able to work. Today I will do what I can! I hate it as I am keen to get on with writing (finally), setting up my mentoring programme and getting a ton of editing done for clients! But these things happen!


So last year ended with writing successes on the short story front, some great charity work with my writing group and lots of fun! It was certainly a year of changes and we enjoyed Christmas in our first home together… ❤ …but so much more than that!


There are plans afoot to make 2018 the best year ever, whatever it might throw at us!

I love new calendars and diaries and the sense of anticipation the new year brings. I’m very much a goal-setter and a doer so do not need resolutions that I know get broken by most. I set goals at any time and I achieve them! That is me! I know our wonderful gym (now doubled in size!) will be full of the people who start the year with good intentions but as soon as they realise that working for something is hard, slowly drop off one by one and we might see them again in 2019! Don’t be one of those people! I urge you, whether that comes to diet and health or your writing! Or indeed whatever you want!

Make your goals clear and SMART! That means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed! This is a little something I learned from the other half and it makes sense in all aspects of life!

If your mission this year is to finally get that book ready then I am still looking for mentees! I have three potential ones but if that’s you and you need that extra one to one push then get in touch this week. You do need to commit practically to time every week and financially every month for at least 6 months. But if you want to do it, you will!

Email me writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk.

We can start this month but begin paying at the end of the month as I know January can be a tough month and I am thinking about arranging a meet-up in London as well for my little group. So get in touch!!!


Anyway, I wanted to end on the very best news of all… it is no secret that December is my favourite month and Christmas is my favourite time of the year. So can you imagine the surprise when on Christmas Eve (my favourite day of the year!) … this happened…


Mal said he had a surprise for me so I had thought a meal, show or something. But then he said it would be later as he had to train someone at another gym. I was not happy as it was supposed to be our day together but work is work. So then Dave at the gym says well don’t worry as we are having drinks for staff at the gym. I will pick you up on my way past and Mal can join us when he’s done. Okay, I say. So I get dressed up for going out after.

Dave collects me and makes some comment as we parked at the gym about there must be something else going on next door as the car park was full. I did not think anything of it, although I did spot Mal’s car already there but thought he must have finished early. So up I go and see a lot of people in the gym. Then I think: why is my dad here? And Mum? And my best mates from the gym as well as my bestie that doesn’t go to my gym? Before I have time to really process those thoughts the people part like a well-rehearsed wave and there is Mal down on one knee under a gazebo thing with balloons. I am not sure it really sank in what happened next. He says how he always knew I was the one and then asks me to marry him! Of course, I said a resounding YES!

So it seems I found myself at my own engagement party! He had even got a buffet organised with a little (or a lot!) of help from my wonderful friends Dave, Angie, Jacque etc!

They played ‘Congratulations’ and even a whole Manilow album and while I had somehow held the tears in check when he asked me to dance to Barry I cried! Wow.

The best Christmas present ever!

So looks like we have a wedding to plan. I do know one thing: while I have never been married I refuse to spend loads on one day! A simple ceremony, then later a party in a hall. But it will still be wonderful!

So here are the photos!

There is so much to look forward to!


Happy 2018!

I am back!



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2 responses to “A Year to Remember!

  1. Sara Williams

    Congratulations, Debz. A lovely story. I’m sure you will make 2018 a special one for you and Mal. Have a great year!

    Lots of love



  2. Congratulations great news.

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