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Write to be a Writer

Sometimes I do not spend enough time writing or reading 😦  and somehow I feel incomplete. With my busy life of editing and working with other writers, and all the other things that seem to have taken over my life,  it’s also understandable and I am sure many of you will relate. Wedding plans! 😉

I have sent off my novels (more than one) as I feel it’s time to get something else out there and the other thing I am really excited about that I will be blogging about, is I have finally signed up for a screenwriting course. It’s at City Uni in London, starting in October. It runs for ten weeks, one evening a week and I am really excited. I love that going back to school feeling! Yay! I also feel it is part of my calling. In fact my understanding of the ‘fineries’ of plot and the ‘mechanics of how the story works’ come more from books by screenwriters. I would love to have a go at developing a screenplay for While No One Was Watching. Watch this space!

I took a long break from the daily blogging as I felt it was needed after all this time, I had intended to return in July but then I felt later in the year was better when I had more to talk about.

So, here I am.

And I have something to talk to you about… I have been mentoring a fair few clients since I stepped that up at the start of the year (successfully I hope) and I am now looking ahead to 2019 when I would like to introduce a ‘small group’  of either Short Story Writers or Novel Writers (or both) to mentor. Limited spaces! We will put aside time every week and might also have group chats so that we can support one another. If you might be interested in this you need to already have a first draft or clear idea of where you’re going. You might wish to use this time to write something ready for a January start. So novel, short story collection? I will help with editing, structure, placement: I will help you learn to be a better writer!

I am working out the costs now, looking at running it initially over 10 weeks, maybe meet in London at the end of it. Email me if you want to be on the ‘no obligation’ list for when I have information to send out to you!


Exciting times ahead!


Did I tell you I love my writerly life? I am also spending more time just writing next month and I can’t wait!

I will be back again soon folks!




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Reflecting on Life

I have had a long rest from blogging every day, my new editing series of tips and reviews of some recent books and authors will start in July 🙂


I am having a rare Sunday off after I saw my brother married yesterday at a truly unique and wonderful wedding. Today is a day to relax and reflect on all the wonderful things about life and all the things we have to look forward to. Nothing like a WEDDING to make you feel sentimental 🙂 What I love is that my brother worked for Disney as a Pooh artist and the wedding’s theme was Winnie the Pooh complete with murals he’d drawn, Pooh tables (we were on Piglet… that says it all! Oink!) little branches (sticks) we could write messages on for the couple and play pooh sticks with under the pooh bridge photo booth. We made thumbprints on a special drawing with our names, there were little games on the tables as well as Pooh honeypots for us… games to play outside on the grass, hunny pot cake (amazing: three different cakes), the speeches even had some amazing Pooh quotes as well as the inscription on their wedding rings… about ‘today being their favourite day’. The sunflowers theme was also wonderful. Even an ice cream van came and we all had free ice cream! It was all the little touches. In a beautiful private school with amazing grounds, so we spent quite a lot of time in the drawing room lounging and chatting. We had a sing-a-long to The Greatest Showman… and when they left at the end in a white taxi we lined the route with sparklers! PERFECT ❤

So so lovely. Every detail of it.

We are now looking ahead to our wedding in January!

So what else is new, I am busy working on Dotty again having started to send Chutney off so we’ll see. I am also creating time to read and enjoying some Costa winners (well you know I need to since this is the prize I intend to win!)…

So all is good 🙂

Do send me areas to do with editing, publishing and writing that you might want to see covered in my new editing series… always happy to welcome suggestions. Here are some photos to give you a glimpse and Anna and Justin’s perfect day…


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A time to breathe

Wow  what a great weekend away we just had,one night, little more than 24-hours but what a difference a day makes. Sea air, early morning walks, laughter and good friends. And how needed it was.

The balance has been off with work and lack of writing time and I feel as if this little break has really done the trick in terms of recharging and we both return with renewed vigour and ready to embrace everything! More relaxing time for one thing.

As I have said many times, everything in life is about balance.Everything, and so I now hope the balance is restored as I read, blog and then get ready for the gym and lots of work… oh and some writing time too of course!

Optimism is always better when the sun is shining too of course!

So embrace life folks!


That is all ❤

Great things are coming!


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Just thinking about things…

In our little house with our little pets, one of the things Mal and I practise on a ‘several times a day’ basis is being thankful. The more we appreciate what we have the more we feel comes to us.


It’s a great philosophy ❤ 

A few things have happened of late (and the reason once again for no blog has simply been being overwhelmed with work!) has made me think about how much my life has changed, not only since moving here but also just in the past year. This time last year we were waiting for the sale of my house in Wales to go through and now I look out through the blinds into the sunshine I realise how happy we truly are here in our life.

I have always embraced change as I think we need that to evolve, but at the same time, I feel the comfort in the stable and the consistent as I think we all do.

What I fear most in life is the change we don’t plan for or welcome.

I came to think about that very recently when I took stock of my life now and how grateful I am. If we have learned anything in this life, it’s that you can’t take everything for granted. Life does throw things at you and you do whatever you can to circumvent some things but there are other things you can’t control… losing people we love for one thing. The biggest fear of all.

I worry about smaller things that would also disrupt this status quo, which we all do, but there are some things bigger than that and that is why I think you have to be grateful for everything.

I love my writing life (was just longlisted with another short story so another publication imminent!), my editing work (even when there is a lot of it!), my gym life that saved me and is my life ❤ and of course my being with Mal.

Never take your life for granted. Always be grateful. For everything.

That is all.

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Best part of the day…

How often do we say that we don’t have time for something?

Make it.

Okay, hands up I do say this… although make time somehow for other things. This used to be my excuse for not reading enough, walking the dog enough (I still need to work on that one as he does most of that for me) or some time ago for not exercising. How all of that has changed. I do work long hours to allow the time for the gym, for lunches from time to time with the gym girls and time with the man. But I make sure I do these things apart from work to make a life, right? It’s important to get the balance right. At the moment it seems to be all work and gym!

And those long daily lists of what needs to be accomplished might complicate life and sometimes I long for the freedom of being list-free, but it keeps me centred and it means I chart my daily successes with ticks and BIG ticks for the more long-term goals. How satisfying is that?

I have been reading about Mindfulness in one of the many books on this kind of thing the other half likes to bring into the house. It’s about being present, being in the moment which I try to do anyway, but not enough, it would seem. So I will do this more.

Life is exciting or it should be, and so this quiet time of the morning when the man is already at work, I like to sit, read (at the moment I am enjoying Costa winner: Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. Last week I was really enjoying Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time having finished The Humans before that and I so so love his writing!) It’s important I make this time and it’s become my favourite part of the day.

Then I will write and then I will work (two things I also love), although today I will be here all day and not at the gym working on an edit that I want to finish by tomorrow so I have a lot to get through!

But right now I am enjoying the best part of the day. What about you?


Matt Haig


Recommended read!



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When Life Changes

When I first started this blog I had no idea I would find something to say every day but I did! All things writing-related and then I started to talk about other things too and people carried on reading it. My life has changed so much through all of this and with workloads and other things happening I felt it was time to take a little break from it all. However, what I realise is that actually writing in the mornings like this is kind of cathartic. It’s self-expression and a way of ordering my thoughts!

While primarily this is a writing blog and so I welcome all things writing and book related, it has become so much more!

I am sitting in the living room where I tend to write, and my office is for my editing work and I am looking through the blinds into the yard. Animals fed, the man has already been to train someone and come back. I am so grateful for the life I have and that I get to be this thing: the writer. I remember when I told myself I write therefore I am and started to be the writer. How empowering that felt and still does.

It’s all a journey. We are all on this incredible journey together. This year sees me working on the Dotty novel, awaiting news on other work and planning a wedding, who’d have thought!

I have a busy schedule of work which I am very grateful for and I did manage to take more time off over easter than scheduled so have a lot to get through but we have to find balance, time for one another and loved ones too, right?

This time last year I was sitting on the news of my house sale praying nothing would go wrong this time and thankfully it didn’t and so it enabled the next stage of my life. So here I am.

We are all writing the chapters of our lives and drawing on what we know for our writing. So here’s to the next part.

I will be blogging soon about character arcs! A few more editing tips and if any of you have any ideas about things you would like me to cover then please feel free to drop me a line!

Welcome to a shiny new week and I am back!!!




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My Mentoring Programme

Check out my video as posted on my Facebook Page and contact me if you fancy being one of the select few! Let me help you!


Debz Hobbs-Wyatt Critiquing Service

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