Can you believe it has been so long since my last blog, now I sound like I am sat in a confessional! I had intended to do the advent posts this year but I have been so insanely busy with life and work I decided that I would hold fire, and I will begin something new in the new year! So then I will be back and blogging daily and boring you all with my muses no doubt!

I do want to do more mentoring as well so I will be looking for people with books, especially first novels who are looking for more one to one guidance, I will be the coach. I was thinking about how my other half coaches clients in all things health and fitness and I want to do more of the same but with writing. So if your new year’s resolution is to get that book written this year then look no further. Price will depend on how much work we do per week but it will involve making a commitment, paying monthly and doing it. It’s a way to ensure you get that book done! If you’re interested please drop me a line and we can talk in the new year to put it in place. I want no more than 4 people for this so I can tailor the programme to you. So either people who have a first draft of a first novel and don’t know where to go next, we can work on the editing OR people who want help actually getting the first draft done… is that YOU? Email me writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk

Anyway so this is my favourite time of the year and it finds me looking forward to my first Christmas in our lovely bungalow. The 7-foot pre-lit tree I bought back in August looks amazing and it is hung with bird ornaments, that I started collecting when Lee died and it’s only now I have such a glorious tree to do them justice! I adore the magic of this time of year and am trying to bring the man into it with me!

Before we walk today and I do the books (my least favourite thing that I keep putting off but I really do like to get them done before Christmas!) I wanted to say hi. Oh and since I have not been blogging I was at the launch of the new Bridge House collection and the Best of CafeLit 6 so I will share the links in case anyone is looking for last-minute Christmas gifts!

I will blog again before Christmas and then it will be in the new year!

Best of Cafelit 6…

Best of Cafelit 6

Buy Me


Glit-er-ary! New Bridge House Collection!


Buy Me

Happy Sunday folks! Have an amazing week!


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