The Small Things

It might seem a strange thing to say but I do suddenly feel SO liberated; as though I have got part of my life back finally. I expect the parents feel the exact same way.

Mal and I are now nicely settling into ‘Mabz Mansion’ (our cheeky affectionate Essex name for it… and us! Groan and intended with tongue in cheek of course!) and it feels as if we have been here a lot longer — in a positive and nice way of course. This office feels like a wonderfully creative space and I have been writing and editing happily here 🙂

I also feel as if I can me be again and in that, I find my total bliss ❤

I don’t think either of us will ever take all of this for granted. When you have lost people, when life has thrown difficult things your way and still does, you hold onto what matters the most. Yes, I have bought lots of new things to make the bungalow the way I want it, but what matters most is not how much money is spent, but how much time is spent; precious time together, and staying happy and healthy ❤

These small things are what make a life; the brush of a hand against yours, a smile, a look, a gesture, a kiss, a note left for you… knowing you are loved.

These are the things that matter. These are the best blessings of all.

That is all, happy Thursday whatever you do.

Make Space for your Future


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