New Month, New Start…

So here we are settling into our new life ❤ and our new routine in the new house. I had been bringing the dog over here on and off for the past week and to start with she behaved as all dogs do in strange places… rushing about, not settling, eager to leave.

I let her move in after us when all her things were here and it seemed when I went to get her yesterday she was more than ready like she knew exactly what was happening! My parents were not quite as ready and I think Mum was most upset because she has been acting like Rosie’s mum for these past three years. We are not far way though. But my folks are very bonded (and with the cats too). So they will miss them… and me maybe just a little 😉

Anyway, Rosie came right in with us, found her bed and seemed to settle right away. She saw she had a cupboard and what’s more, it was filled with all her treats so that made her happy. Very settled dog. So when I took her for a walk before dinner she didn’t seem to want to go… which I guess is her way of saying I am home. She had to be dragged along the road to the park! I did expect, as it is the same park, just a different entrance, for her to reach her usual gate to go to Mum’s and want to drag me there.  She had no such inclination it seems. I guess she knows this is her home now!

She is a real creature of habit, a bit like me, but she seems to be quite happy. I guess as long as she has me, and her treats and she adores Mal, she is happy. But I know she will be missing my folks too.

There is a lot to be learned from ‘being more dog’, right?

Don’t overthink it, live in the pure joy and abundance of the moment!



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