When the future finally arrives…

Well, I am so thrilled to let you know that Mal and I finally have a bungalow to rent on Canvey Island near the folks and near the gym (the perfect location)… and to begin our life together as it should be ❤

On Friday we finally picked up the keys, and as soon as I put the key in the door, and the lovely man lifted me over the proverbial threshold, I felt like I was truly home, at last. ❤

Having cleared the week of work except for this time of morning when I will be doing a few little editing jobs, I am project manager in all things ‘house’. In fact, I have been for the last three or four weeks counting down to this very week in fact! Since the place has all been done new, everything in it, new wiring, new central heating, new bathroom, kitchen, floors, carpets etc then it needed new things so it’s been a fab time of choosing my colour schemes for rooms and adding my arty touch to it all, the man has left me to it! Wise choice 😉

We move in, as in stay there officially on Friday we hope, as there are things to build (the joys of flat pack although we have ‘a man who can’ going to help us out!) and arrange and unpack etc. and so I start this week with great excitement and buzz at seeing it all come together… at last!!! Although today there is a little interlude to meet a great friend for her birthday lunch! Well, you have to make time for the important things, right? But then it’s full steam ahead. Can’t wait to be blogging and writing and editing from my new shiny office next week when great things will be achieved! The next project will , of course, be getting somewhere with the new novel and agent… and all things writerly ❤

So I won’t blog every day as this is now ‘work time’ but I will be here some mornings this week. We all need a change of scenery once in a while and this is just what I have needed for so so long, I can’t even tell you! It’s actually exhausting but I am loving it and the results will be so so so worth it 😀 That is all!

Happy Monday whatever you all do!

Work hard for the dream


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  1. Mark Howland

    May you both be blessed in your new home! (and don’t forget to take a break too, it’s not going anywhere…)

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