Be Patient

This is the message I need to send myself this morning. It’s a message that’s pertinent for us all… in so many ways.

Life teaches us that what we want the most we have to work for and be patient for.

We live in a society that wants everything NOW, but that mentality of having what you want when you want it means you don’t appreciate it… do you?

Work for it, make it happen.

When it feels unbearable and you wonder if it will ever happen, is when it finally will. I remember thinking the same way when I was waiting for my first publishing success; then again when the novel had so many near misses before someone finally said YES. I feel it now as I wait for someone to take on one of my new novels.


And I think it now about waiting for the next part of my life to truly start.

Have patience.

Maybe today will be the day a dream comes true.


Imagine it.

Hold it in your mind.

Stay strong and happy and focussed.


Be Patient


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