A New Week, Lots of Hope

So here we are again and how time flies. A shiny new week with lots of expectation ❤

Another lovely weekend finishes and makes way for a week of editing and more…. I hope.

I savour this new week in the quiet stillness of the morning, feel it? I sit in my corner of life; in my little creative space and think about how wonderful it is I get to do the job I love… every single day. I count my blessings for the life I have and how most pleasure comes not from the things  I have, but from the people, the memories, those are the true blessings ❤ I write, I love, I wish, I hope, I dream. And I always will.

The most precious things of all can not be contained: laughter, fun, excitement, joy… you think about this. And also I guess pain, fear, grief which all have their place as they are part of who we are. But the more we give way to the good things then the more abundant those feelings will be and not the other ones. You can not contain abundance. So acknowledge the negative things but fill your heart with the positive wonderful things.

These are not the things you can box or hold in your hand, only in your heart.

So count your blessings, not your things, and think of everything you are truly grateful for. You will see these far outweigh the negatives right?

So surrender to the shiny new week and all the joys it has to bring. And if you are not feeling it today, however bad things might seem, stand back and embrace the good and think about all the blessings and guess what…? Is that a SMILE?


Hope always X

Welcome to an incredible new week!


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