A little happy moment

Be grateful.

If I have learned one thing and yes I have said it many times, it’s that.

Be thankful.

Count your blessings.

Cherish what you have.

It’s often the smallest things that mean the most: a smile, a touch of the hand, a kiss, a thank you on the lips.

Twelve years ago I said goodbye to the most important person in my life. It all happened so fast. One second we were buying house things, tables, choosing duvet covers, cushions… you know what I mean… for the house we were buying. And then it was all over and it was just me. I picked up the keys without him while he was in the hospital (but then expected to be okay, the diagnosis came a week later), I moved in without him. I bought cushions without him.

It feels like I have been on a massive journey to finally be back to thinking housey things again with my lovely Mal. How odd the world is, but I cherish it all as we look ahead… new beginnings. Change.

It’s been a long journey for us both.

So yes, one simple message: be thankful, be grateful, cherish every moment.

That is all ❤

Be grateful


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One response to “A little happy moment

  1. Janice

    Never realised you hadn’t actually lived together in your little cottage…. such a long, sad time for you… amazing that you are not bitter. Really wish you all the best in your new home, new man, new life… and your positivity every day really is infectious! Thank you!

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