If you see it in your mind…

…you are holding it in your hand.


Everything you ever dreamed of is yours for the taking… if you only believe. It’s hard to keep going sometimes when your work is rejected; when you feel it isn’t good enough. It’s true in everything in our lives. I see it all the time in the people I meet at the gym.

I see how people start off with the most powerful intentions and then they stumble at the first hurdle and some just give up. Well, that’s when you have to decide if you’re a winner or a loser. What do you want? The ones who make it, be in successes with their writing or who really do make that ‘forever’ lifestyle change, are the ones who, no matter how difficult it gets, get back up; who look up and forward and not down and back.

I have said it a lot on here but I mean it… anything and everything is possible… if you want it enough, if you stay hungry for it enough and if you believe in yourself enough….

One thing I have learned is that anything is ALWAYS possible. 

So what are you waiting for?

Have a truly AMAZING Friday and EVEN BETTER weekend folks! See you Monday 🙂



Yay to life!!!


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