The trials of self-employment

I love working for myself, truly.

There are far more positives than negatives.

I really love what I do… which helps!

The only thing that causes struggles is when too many things are ALL happening at once, which seems to the case now. I seem to have an awful lot to do, not just work as this is nicely scheduled, but other things, editing things, home things… and I kind of wish I could invent more time!



I did manage my lovely holiday but now I think I need another! It’s rare I take time off, but this week I am juggling work with home things! But it will be sorted I know! Everything in life is about balance and soon that will be restored! Itching to get back writing too!

Life is a bubbling exciting heaving time of happiness ❤ 

That is all!


The future is the other side of the chaos!


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