Last Full Day

I am sat by the pool, well not right by it but in the little balcony we have, ground floor, listening to the plashing… and the birds…


It’s our last full day here and we will make the most of it. It feels as if we have been here a lot longer which is great. It’s been a much-needed break and the first proper holiday for us. So much has happened in recent months I felt when the house finally sold we needed a little getaway ❤



Portugal has much to offer and I have been here before, been bird watching, walking, all kinds when I came with Lee in 2005, our last holiday together… we stayed at friends near Lagos. This time is very different as Mal and I chose a 5-star resort simply for relaxing rather than excursions. A time and a place to look forward, not back. It has been rather too hot for us at times. I am not much of a sun worshipper and even Mal has struggled, so thank God for air con. We are in a lovely hotel and have a deluxe apartment, so got some bits in, so we can make our own coffee ‘n’ toast, even though all inclusive. We also have a washing machine so no dirty clothes to take home!  Small things and all of that!

It’s a huge apartment 🙂



While I will be sad to see it end, and see Mal go home tomorrow, I will also be happy to be home as we have so much to look forward to. Some exciting news soon!

Some people have lots of holidays and share lots of posts like these, some take it for granted… but we never will. EVER.

Life has thrown much at us and we both know when we felt sad and lonely and wondered if we would feel this way again… so we look ahead to more holidays, hopefully, LA next time, a place that means a lot to us both, but you won’t hear us bragging about holidays or all the things we do, we like to stand back and appreciate the times we have, because we both know that life is short.

So take good care of one another, always.

Back tomorrow and blogging later this week!


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