My Happy Life

Yesterday was an amazing day (not talking politics)… and I am so looking forward to all the bright things ahead 🙂

Today is my last day of working and blogging for ten days or so as I wind down my work ready for a well-needed holiday with the other half, a sunny holiday 🙂 So Tuesday we are off. I might do the odd blog from there and some writing though as the laptop will be on hols too so I will see how the muse takes me!

We also had some great news yesterday which I will share in due course, but the future does await us… at least things are falling nicely into place home wise 🙂

Writing wise Pelicans is ready for a holiday too as I do something I never usually do and it will be with a couple of beta readers while I’m away… eek! So for me a final read-through of it this weekend before it goes off on its way to them!

And this weekend will kick-start the celebrations of life as both Mal and my mum have birthdays Sunday! So we have plans afoot!

So excited about life… how about you?



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