Where The Buzz Comes From

People will be thinking about all kinds of things today and here in the UK, they will be voting on which party should run the country. With the current high alerts for terrorism and with the post-Brexit fallout, even the way the US election turned out it seems the world really has had a shake-up. I tend to stay away from political discussion both here and on my other social networking platforms. It is important, but life is also about the everyday things, the bubbles we build around ourselves. But… it is what governs how we live and allows those freedoms so I hope the end result is a favourable one, although this time more than ever it seems no one knows who to vote for!

In fact today I have lots of other exciting thoughts in my head, a finished draft of the Pelicans novel for a couple of friends to beta-read, a holiday next week, so many exciting things to look forward to I have the buzz deep inside. I wake with it, I just feel so happy and deliriously excited ❤ What terrorism does is destroy our freedom, our hopes, our dreams and our way of life. I feel truly blessed to have the life I have, so I carry on living it and hoping and believing in good. But we can’t pretend these other things are not happening. We hope and pray love will prevail and we hope, whatever happens today, our leaders find the right way forward for the country.

Have an amazing Thursday.




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