Love Your Life

A simple message… make sure you’re doing what makes you happy.

I know life is not always a ‘bowl of cherries’. I know we all have to go through things, sometimes terrible things… so I don’t say it flippantly or in an ‘I live in a bubble and don’t see the real world’ kind of way. I say it because for most of the people for, for most of the time life is a gift and things are fine. It’s a matter of perception — you either see the empty bowl or you remember when it was overflowing and you fill it up again.

I know how hard life can be but I also know that our mindset has a massive role in how we live our lives every day. I always see the best and I always make things to look forward to. That’s the best way to live, even if the thing to look forward to is a piece of carrot cake. We can’t always have the BIG things to look forward to.

So what are you looking forward to today?

I am looking forward to:

— breakfast

— working on the novel

— walking Rosie

— lunch

— finishing an edit

— dinner


— My holiday

… there are more. So much more!

And I am grateful, truly, every day.

What about you?



Have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you Monday! 🙂


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