Pushing yourself further

Everything we achieve in life comes from desire. You want it, so you go for it. It comes from the tenacity and the drive to never give up.

As you know this has been my philosophy my entire life; I never hear no, I only hear yes, why not? Why can’t I write a novel, why can’t it be published? Made into a movie? Why can’t I do all the classes on the gym timetable… life is limitless.

I was so excited and proud to see that the team at Lifestyle Fitness Gym used that same philosophy when they walked the 100K (63 miles) to Brighton this weekend. I wished I had been there in person to cheer them on; in fact, I wish I’d been fit enough (with the foot) to have done it myself. I am going to do some kind of challenge next year that’s physical.

It’s exciting because anything is possible if you believe. It’s amazing what you can achieve.

That is what I want to say this sunny Tuesday morning as we all embrace the new week!

And very well done to the team at my gym!

Push yourself to the limit, because unless you try you will never know how truly amazing you really are!

That is all!

Wildest deams

…and beyond… ❤




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