I will keep this short and sweet as I have a meeting in London this morning with one of my lovely clients. So I thought I would share some links about some amazing people I know…

As you know I did a gym challenge earlier this year. Our gym is an amazing community gym and the people really make it special <3. It’s incredible what Dave and Angie did to make that gym, given it all started with Dave’s life-saving heart surgery a few years ago, before that he had never even set foot inside a gym. You might remember the newspaper article I wrote for him last year. AMAZING.

Well, them and a team at Lifestyle Fitness Gym are walking the London to Brighton Challenge… 63 miles this weekend. It’s some challenge! They leave London at 7 am tomorrow and walk all day and all through the night and will finish sometime Sunday morning! The team is doing it for three charities. Dave and Angie and Jacques for the Basildon Cardiothoracic Unit that saved the lives of people close to them including Dave himself and their son, Sam. Teresa, Lewis and Alison are doing for Cancer UK and Lee and Catherine are doing it for Scope. They have been walking for a few months in preparation, and these have not been short walks, they have worked so hard! They have walked through the blisters and pain and are ready to take this on.

So I will share their pages and if anyone wants to support them, then please do. This is no small challenge!

I will back and blogging Tuesday as I will be writing all day bank hols so won’t blog!

Have a wonderful weekend… do something truly amazing!

Dave, Angie and Jacques’ Page

Teresa and Lewis’s Page

Lee and Cath’s Page

All that remains is to wish them all the very best this weekend, you will smash this guys!


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