Finding Hope

In a world that brings us new horrors every day, we must learn to find hope.

It seems that there are others intent on hurting, destroying, hating… but love must overcome all of that. It has to win, every time.

I confess to living in a little bubble of hope and love and optimism… and some might say of burying my head in my own life, choosing not to see the horrors as they unfold. We all have to find a way to protect ourselves, I guess. So I live a positive and happy life assuming none of this will touch me directly… but we all know that is not the case.

The events in Manchester remind us yet again of evil, that as humans there are fanatics and fantasists and haters. We have seen it many times in history and we see it again and again now. More and more. Extremism is the enemy of peace, of love, of hope but we must stand against those who simply want to destroy us.

While I rarely post anything like this sometimes it has to said, aloud, that we won’t stand up to it… it gains nothing and it loses everything. So once again I send my love to the victims of terrorism, we are all victims of terror in one way or another but love has to win.

That is all



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