Friday Again

How fast the weeks come and go and another weekend shines brightly ahead of us.

Today is a great day.

The plan is to bring those final closing elements together in the Pelicans novel so I can start another edit of the whole thing. You see writing really is a multi-layered process. This is one novel that needed a lot of work to get into shape; it has many elements to it and it needs to read as seamlessly as possible. It needs to flow perfectly and not feel as if it’s convoluted or complex when it many ways this one is.

I am really ‘into the zone’ on this one again, but of all the novels (and yes true only one is currently published) this one was the hardest to write. When I looked at it again after some time I thought: wow this is really pacey and works as a thriller, but I also realised the way I orchestrated the ending was paramount to its success. I think the distance I gave myself to it for some time has helped me see its flaws and the issues with bringing together the plot that caused me to stumble before.

This is not a sprint, this novel-writing malarky… it’s a long process. So you better love it! And thankfully I do… absolutely!!!

Have a totally AMAZING weekend, whatever you do and remember to do something every day that makes your heart soar.

And, above all, BE TRULY THANKFUL ❤ ❤ ❤




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2 responses to “Friday Again

  1. Jeanne

    I really love reading your bloggs, Debz … they are always so positive; thank you! x

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