Let the excitement fill every moment

What a week it’s been since I sat here writing my message about the house in Wales and the wonderful news that it has found new owners. It’s been a week of whoops and happy dances and smiles. The feeling is tremendous and now all we need is to find the perfect little home here, which I know we will. I have sent my wishes out into the universe… pictured the house, and us living there ❤

I remember this same feeling of lightness two other times in my life. The first was when I was finally able to walk away from the day job that was holding me back. I didn’t realise just how much tension I was holding in my body until it was gone; over, none of it mattered anymore. I have the same feeling of liberation now 🙂 I was then free to write and be the ‘me I always knew I could be’. I always saw that as a tremendous blessing enabled (sadly) by tragedy… because if I had not had such a small mortgage I could never have afforded to take that big step and leave the corporate world to live the dream. A dream I am still living… thanks to Lee ❤

I felt the same wonderful feeling after the dream came true and I got the publisher for While No One Was Watching… that was the BIGGIE for me, a real reason to ‘do the victory dance’. It showed it had all been worth it 🙂 Thanks again Lee ❤

And now, well now it’s the time for new chapters. It’s a wonderful feeling and this one again, like the day I was free from the day job, feels as if a weight has gone and I had no idea how much stress I was feeling. I have another clean slate, debt-free, and planning, the home, a holiday and success. Lots of it. Working hard on Pelicans to make it happen. Now is the time for the next part and again, it’s out of sadness we finally find our happiness because once again it’s from the sale of our special home I can move on, with the lovely Mal, my angel ❤

Hold that feeling, hold it inside, how it feels to live the dream and make sure it happens. Got it.


Do the dance! Do it now! Punch the air!

Whoooop to life!



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