When Dreams Come True

That feeling you get when a dream comes true is too good to miss.

It’s a feeling you wish you could bottle and open the lid a fraction every now and then.

Well, you can do more than that. Hold that feeling in your heart right now. Breathe in the wonderful thing that is life and imagine you have everything you ever wanted right NOW there in your hands. Let yourself buzz with the excitement of it all. You are now on the right frequency to let the wonderful things you are visualising become your reality.

So are you ready?

This is a wonderful new week and I am so excited. That is all!!!


Love your life. Off to the gym this morning on my bike! Yay… while I have been there since the foot injury, this is the first time I will have cycled in three months… and for class…. writing group tonight with special guest and…?

What other magic will this day bring? Something so amazing I can’t wait to share!

This is a truly amazing day.

Be grateful




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2 responses to “When Dreams Come True

  1. Paul bradley

    I have just been to India and feel very grateful for my own life. Nice post.

  2. Janice

    My daughter has been sent to India with work this week – no doubt aircon hotels and shielded from the other side of it all – but I do hope she gets to experience some of the real India. Life is for living and appreciating.

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