Knowing You Are On The Right Path

I have NEVER doubted that I am doing the right thing with my life.

I have NEVER thought I will never achieve my goals, even in my darkest moments, I dug in deeper.

I have NEVER given up because the road got too tough or rejection was too hard to bear.

What mindset makes us fail? Do you know the signs?

When things get tough, even when we started the most determined person EVER, what thing is it that breaks the diet, the exercise routine, the drive to finish the novel?

If you quit, you will NEVER get your dream. I wonder how many people really have the self-belief they need. I do know that of all the people I know who achieved the dream and still achieve the dream, it comes from a tenacity that is enduring and never ending. I use that in every facet of my life, truly.

If I say I am going to do something I will.

If I say my next novel will be made into a movie it will.

If I say I WILL NEVER give up, I won’t.

Are you a winner?If you do not see yourself that way…



Anything you want is yours if you believe and imagine the feeling of having it NOW.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys, in whatever you do!

Something specialYES… ABSOLUTELY!


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