Yay to the Friday Feeling… EVERY DAY!

Short post this morning as eager to finish a report, a few admin bits and then the rest of the day being lost in bringing together the end (finally!) of my Pelicans novel. I have been absorbed by it this week. Funny how you know something is working but you it became too convoluted and in the end, you set it aside not quite ‘cooked’. Well, it is getting there now! Might be another week or two and is coming away with me too and so keen!

Then nails and shopping later plus dinner with a friend tonight, before my little trip to Wales for the May bank holiday so I will not be back and blogging until Wednesday!

So I want to wish you all a fab long weekend… and Barry is on the TV and radio this morning 🙂 YAY! So that will be a great start to my fantastic day!

That is all. Have fun, be kind to one another and most of all be thankful.

That Friday Feeling

Keep that feeling every day!

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