Feeling Gratitude

Remember that we draw to ourselves what we think and so if you start each day thinking about all the things you are grateful for and don’t make the focus on what you don’t have and what you want to have, but on what you have more of those good things will come… in unlimited abundance.

We have to change our mindset to the ‘thankful’; which I do — every day. We have to see in our mind what we want so we can hold it in our hand. We have to tell ourselves our positive thoughts are powerful and our negative thoughts are weak… create the life you love… every day. 

I am looking forward to reworking the ending of a novel I have not touched for some time — my pacey crime thriller Isle of Pelicans. I was working on Dotty, the new one, last week and had intended to carry on with that, but I was drawn to this one and now I realise that all it needs is the ending sorting, I never quite finished it. So since I am big on intuition I am trying to fix that (and it doesn’t need too much) and… guess what? I really can’t wait!!! Back to Dotty next week or I might even look at I Am Wolf to see what that needs. Exciting isn’t it?

So remember: think of all the things to be grateful for: do it now. And have a fantastic day!

W H O O P   T O    L I F E!!!


Below is a photo I took while we were out at the weekend. It’s a park in Upminster, Essex… how fabulous is this? Now, this is something to be grateful for ❤ Writing prompt anyone?My photo


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