A Great Day!

Yesterday I was busy writing and working fastidiously all morning. I knew I would be out of the office some of the afternoon at the fracture clinic for what I hoped would be the ‘sign off’. A ‘cast’ (though now reduced to ‘the bootie cast’ — you saw the photos) has been on for over eight weeks; in fact, I broke my foot some nine weeks ago this very day. Anyway there I was being highly productive and by about 12.45 I was getting ready for the man to come to take me when they called and the words to induce very sad face:  The Fracture Clinic is cancelled.


I think because I said ‘can I just rip this cast off then?‘ and they thought I was serious… having first said postponed until next week… she felt sorry for me and managed to fit me in today around midday!Whoop! Although since the man is in London and the folks are out on a mission of mercy to take a friend to a different hospital… my bestie is now taking me! So I, of course, suggested a spot of lunch after to celebrate cast off! Well you know… celebrate all moments in life!

Funny thing is, right before that phone call that made me pull the sad face 😦 the same bestie messaged me that our hero… no, not a literary one, but yes… you guessed it, none other than the ‘Manilow’ is in London next week!


He is signing his new album in Oxford Street and bestie said ‘do it now’ if you want one of the very limited spaces for a ticket. So I did, and my dad did — who started the obsession and unlike me has yet to meet him. We were successful because I think they had only just announced it. So guess what we’re all doing next Wednesday?! Now that deserves an air punch, doesn’t it?

And another ‘Whoop’.

So sad face replaced by squealing voice, punching the air VERY VERY HAPPY face within seconds! And to make up for lack of hospital appointment we went to the gym instead! Full of energy and extra excitement, despite purple bootie cast still in situ! And Mal just looking at me every time I had a moment… I had a few that went something like: “Did I tell you I am meeting Barry again next week?”

So… I finished a report to send to a client later today once I have proofed it … I had to work late but am busy now today… and did some prep for a client call this morning (now rescheduled for earlier owing to said appointment) … but I am truly excited about the day! Oh yes, I also conjured a plan to give Barry a copy of my novel! What do you think? Nothing ventured? He might even read it… well he has a long flight home?

So now today I have decided will be an EVEN better day than yesterday! Are you with me on that one? And watch out weekend!!! WHOOPING for England here!

Welcome to my madness… let it be infectious! You all have a great day and an even better weekend!!! Right? 🙂 🙂 🙂




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