Let’s make today FAB!

That’s it — simple message.

Let’s all of us count our many blessings and in a world of uncertainty and political worries, let’s just be kind to one another and make every moment count.

Today is going to be the BEST day ever. Okay? With me on that one?

Happy Wednesday friends!

Will leave you with my post on Facebook yesterday… If I could I would draw the cartoon of it…

So wish I’d been quick enough with my camera then. Just looked up from my writing to see Mum in her dressing gown chasing a scatty Rosie dog around the garden… Rosie had stolen Mum’s bra that was on the bed with her clothes to wear! Rosie was having a lovely time playing ‘chase me’ with said bra flapping from her jowls as Mum chased her in circles around the garden! Only way to make Rosie drop it was to shout ‘Biscuit!!!’ So now she’s been rewarded for being a tinker!!! #toofunny #brathief

Lazy sit Rosie

Me? Never!


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One response to “Let’s make today FAB!

  1. Janice

    Too funny! One of those that will make you laugh all over again years later!

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