A Life of its Own

Well, last week I was getting into a new short story I had been commissioned to write for a new Bridge House collection; with a specific post-Brexit theme and what was supposed to be ‘up tp 4000 words’ turned into the longest short story, I think I have ever written, 11,600 words. I did edit it to within an inch of its life and I think it has to be this length, but the question now is is it really too long for the collection? Will everyone else be offended who was also invited to contribute? Urgh!!! We will have a think on that.

What I will say is that with lots going on in my life I was happy to find my mojo with this one as it seems the obsession took over and now I am wondering what to write next. I think I probably need to throw myself back into the Dotty novel although other novels are begging to be reworked, and I am also wondering if Gill still wants this long story or I might have to write a shorter alternative! Decisions and all of that. What to write when there are too many… is that the opposite of writer’s block perhaps?!!!

This last week or more I have been thinking ahead to all things positive and trying to manifest the life I truly need to be happy.

These are my new positive messages I have across my computer tower…




Happy shiny new week folks…. maybe it be the BEST EVER!


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